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What sort of society and culture did the New Jersey colony have?

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What culture was closely tied to that Nubia?

Egypt. it really was sort of an Egyptian colony or governed province.

Was New Jersey a plantation colony?

While all colonies had some sort of agriculture, the plantations colonies were found in the south. The northern states, of which New Jersey is one, very quickly found their economic base in industry - factories.

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What is the type of colony in which the owner owned all land and controlled the government?

i think that is the feudalist sort of colony....

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what sort of social order took root in the colony of carolina

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a gud 1

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What did the Connecticut colony do for a living?

Each member of any given colony would likely participate in either agriculture or a trade of some sort, learned from childhood.

What did the Neanderthals celebrate?

We do not know. We know next to nothing about what sort of culture Neanderthals had.

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What are the important government features in the New England Colonies?

Because it was important to have laws and a some sort of leadership in each colony if there wasn't there would be fighting and bad stuff happening in the colony.

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