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Jack the ripper only killed prostitutes

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Why did Jack the Ripper commit the murders?

I believe that his motivation to kill was psychosexual in nature. He also mutilated these women and removed their genitals which suggest that there was some sort of sexual sadistic motive, according to the different serial killer typologies.

What did Jack The Ripper do and who did the police think he could be?

Jack The Ripper was the name of a 19th century seial killer murdering prostitutes in London's poverty-stricken east end. Everybody had their own idea of who the murderer was. Some involved with the case wrote about the crimes and gave their own opinion as to the identity of the Ripper, probably none were right. He was probably someone not even suspected, and carried out his crimes under the noses of Scotland Yard. For a killer of this sort, taunting the police was part of the fun.

What do street lights symbolize?

A gloominess or darkness in character. They could even, if you wish, symbolise prostitution in relation to the term 'curb-crawling'. They also have a lesser link to Jack the Ripper and gangsters - that sort of thing.

Who wrote Jack the Ripper letters and why?

I think it is safe to say that of the hundreds of letters sent to Scotland Yard and the newspapers there were many different authors. With multiple writers, there would be multiple reasons. Although it boggles the mind, there are many people who think that sort of thing is amusing.

What sort of pigs do they kill for food?

People kill domestic pigs for food.

What sort of weapon is jack using to hunt pigs?

Jack used a spear that the boys made to hunt with.

What made Jack The Ripper want to rip the murdered people's organs out?

The condition of the bodies gave some clues to JTR's mindset. What the Ripper did was called 'overkill', he went far beyond what was necessary to kill the victims. With some of the women, such as Mary Kelly, he was in a frenzy. His hatred toward the victims was almost palpable, his intent was obvious. The complete destruction of a human being. The mutilation of their faces rendered them faceless and without personality or identity. Removing organs and cutting off body parts such as breasts was a final humiliation. The big question is why would someone want to do this to another human. What is known about serial killers can explain somewhat. The Ripper probably came from a family with some degree of dysfunction. He probably abused animals, lit fires, stole, lied, wet the bed or any combination of these traits. He seemed to have extreme rage toward females, prostitutes in particular. It is very likely that the man we know as Jack The Ripper had some sort of a personality disorder that would allow him to be so violent and not feel guilty about it. Whoever the Ripper was during the nights when he stalked the mean streets of Whitechapel, during the day he was probably an ordinary type man, hiding in plain sight. This is typical of serial killers, shocking their family and friends when they are finally arrested.

When did the Jack The Ripper letters finally stop?

I believe the last letter from Jack The Ripper was in the year 1896. But as far as the press was concerned not much was written in the papers after the death of Mary Kelly. For whatever reason after the Kelly murder very little was said about the notorious killer. Most of the 'hoopla' about the case just sort of faded. This is probably why people have the idea the murders stopped after Kelly. It could be that someone at Scotland Yard asked the press to let it fade a little. It seemed from some of the letters the killer was injoying all the press he was getting. Maybe they didn't want to indulge the killer more than they already had. Whatever the reason, buy 1896 the Ripper ran out of steam, at least with his pen.

How does Jack explain Simon's death to his followers?

Jack simply ignored the fact that they had murdered another boy and dismissed the entire episode as some sort of trick played on them by the beast, which he claimed came in disguise. Jack implied that in some way the beast was immortal and that they could not hope to kill it so they should be on their guard in case it returned.

Why does Ralph offer the leadership of the choir to Jack?

It was a sort of appeasement to keep Jack from getting angry and starting his own tribe.

Why was the first gun invented?

To kill and it was believed that it was a sort of protection

How do you kill the bad bacteria in your stomach?

Your body will sort this out naturally.

Was Jack The Ripper accused of other murders?

The records states 5 murder victims. Some have reasons to believe that the first victim was really Martha Tabram who was murdered Tuesday, August 7, 1888, and there are important considerations for questioning whether Stride was a Ripper victim. Just forty-five minutes after the body of Elizabeth Stride had been discovered, the body of a second prostitute, Catherine Eddowes, was found. Catherine Eddowes look as a ripper victim but Stride did not. Philip Sugden wrote in his book, The Complete History of Jack the Ripper, "There is no simple answer. In a sentence: at least four, probably six, just possibly eight." We can also consider more victims to the ripper.//Without a doubt, Jack The Ripper killed more than the original five victims that are associated with this case. Martha Tabram may or may not have been the first victim, or she may have been his second or third. Due to the very nature of serial murder, there is usually an escalation of some sort as the killer moves from one victim to the next. This is obvious with the crimes of JTR. The mutilations became increasingly horrific with each woman he killed.Elizabeth Stride, the first in the 'double event' was not mutilated for a very good reason. The killer had only enough time to cut her throat before he was interrupted by a pedestrian. Had he stayed even a few more moments he would have been caught. This was bad news for Catherine Eddows who was murdered less than an hour later. The Ripper did find the time to mutilate Eddows. He destroyed her face almost to being unrecognizable. The victim count for Jack The Ripper is most likely closer to twelve or thirteen which included the murder of Francis Coles in 1891.//Only you would think that coming close to being identified, the ripper would run finding another victim so quickly. Any ways, the doubt exists.

Why do women like their P's licked?

It gives them sort of a tingle.

Why is magic jack so cheap?

I think its got some sort of catch

Is jack black a nice guy in real life?

OF COURSE!! what sort of question is this? :)

How can you get a boy to like you and be your boy friend?

You can start out with showing him that you are worth his time (not that being some sort of mean thing) but allowing yourself to do that and be faithful, loving, caring etc., the usual things most men want from their women. And then after a while with this sort of relationship going on, go in for the kill and ask him out.

What sort of acid in the body can kill you if you have too much of it?

Uric acid. Some men (and some women, but it's more prevalent in men) can have gout and if not treated the acid can cause liver and kidney disease.

Can epithelial tissue kill you?

If some sort of cancer develops, yes.

Why did Jack The Ripper kill Mary Kelly inside?

Since Kelly was one of the only victims that actually had a place to call home it could be that she didn't have to service her customers in dark doorways or alleys. She had the luxury of privacy. It is also possible that the killer was getting nervous. Previous to Kelly's murder was the 'double event', the murder of Elizabeth Stride and Katherine Eddows. The Ripper was interrupted which is most likely why Stride was not mutilated. There was some sort of verbal exchange between a man who was with Eddows and a local, just minutes later Eddow's body was discovered. That was two close calls for the killer in a single night. He may have been relieved to be indoors with Kelly where the threat of discovery was reduced.

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