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Same as any other chicken, although they do crow a lot more and make the 'cock-a-doodle-doo' noise

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What sound does cockerel make?

the cockrel makes a wired sound cockcock

What sound a cockerel makes?

it crows

What is the name of baby rooster?

cockerel see cockerel see cockerel see

What is sound made by a cock?

Traditionally, the call of a cockerel (male chicken) is: Cock a doodle doo. But, obviously, the cock blackbird (and every other male song bird) would make a different sound.

What is a sentence using the word cockerel?

I saw a cockerel in the farm and the cockerel cocked really loud until the cockerel was out of breath. oh no..... The cockerel could not breath so I called the vet and the cockerel was survived.

What is faminine of cockerel?

Feminine for cockerel is hen.

What is a cockerel poultry?

A male chicken is called a rooster or a cockerel.

What is the mother of a cockerel called?

A hen is the mother of the cockerel:)

Is cockerel a masculine word?

How do you eat cockerel? There really is not much difference between a cockerel and a hen when used for cooking. The male.

Can you eat a egg from a cockerel?

Yes.......if you can find a Cockerel that will lay an egg

What do they call a baby rooster?

A baby rooster is called a cockerel.

What does cockerel mean in chickens?

A cockerel is a young intact male chicken.

Use the word cockerel in a sentence?

Roosters kept on picking on the little cockerel.

What is the difference between a Hen and a Cockerel?

A hen is female and a cockerel is a young male.

What did Christopher Cockerel invent?

Christopher Cockerel is most known for inventing the hovercraft. Christopher Cockerel invented the hovercraft in the 1950's and it can travel on land and water.

What is a girl cockerel?

A cockerel is a rooster or male chicken. I don't think there are girl cockerels

Does a cockerel always become a rooster?

Yes. The word cockerel just means young rooster. They always become roosters unless they do not make it past their first year. After the first year they are called roosters.

What is the difference between a cockerel and a rooster maybe just the name?

A cockerel is a rooster under 1.

What is a father fowl called?

A father fowl is called a rooster or a cockerel.

How did the inventor christopher cockerel make the hovercraft?

He experimented with it for years and made many working models

What is the Feminine of cockerel?


What is the feminine for cockerel?

Its a hen

What is the female of cockerel?


What is a father hen?


Can a Hen change into a Cockerel?