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like a airy Flute/flat flute


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The purpose of the flute is to make sound.. :D

it makes the sound of a flute

The sound of a flute is made by blowing across the lip plate hole.

It will be really hard to make it SOUND like a flute. Actually, I don't think you can. BUT! You can make it look like a flute by putting holes in it! :)

Actually, to make vibrato on the flute you have to move your lips. To make it sound pretty and professional.

Flute has a long U (long OO) sound, and a silent E. It rhymes with chute or shoot.

As it is nearly impossible to describe sound using words, you should consult the related video link below.

it is connected with the ear bone and thats how the nose flute works and your eye bone blows wind so your nose flute works propley

make a tuba sound like a flute or get a voice changer...edit the sound on computer,put wax paper over the sound's a very weird an odd question

You blow into the flute's mouth, The sound comes out the rear end.

The modern nose flute was made in 1981, with a patent from William Carter in Albion, New York.

To make the sound be a higher pitch.

Actually they only make a sound when they are hurt etc. and they don't relay twitch there nose at all.

Musical instrument that is played with nose

A flute makes a soft, high pitched sound. It is a gentle type of music.

What a flute would sound like but an octave higher. (very squeeky)

to make a horse sound effect you would talk into it while doing it up and down the scale into your flute and play this note:3rd octave bflat

Rotate the flute slightly closer to your lips and blow harder.

The flute is played by putting the flute next to your chin and blow gently into the hole and pressing keys to make the sound higher or lower.

sound of a flute is made by blowing the blowing you can hear the sound

A Flute has holes so sound can come out. The air blows through the flute and when you close those holes they make notes, Ex: A Flat, C, B Flat,. Without the holes in the Flute, no sound would come out at all.

it will make sound but if you know how to use it you can make music.

They sound very different from each other as a piano has wires that are hit by hammers which make a percussive and full sound the flute is a reed instrument with a more sustained and mellow tone.

From kids science information: "In wind instruments, like the flute and trumpet, vibrating air makes the sound." Read more, below.

kind of a light, airy flute sound

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