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Goofy is an anthropomorphic cartoon dog.

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Q: What species is goofy?
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How do you say Goofy in German?

goofy = albern Walt Disneys Goofy is also "Goofy", though :-)

What are the three producers of the kelp forest?

im a goofy goober yeah! were all goofy goobers yeah! GOOFY GOOFY GOOFY GOOBER!

What is Goofy's last name?

Goofy's last name is Goofy Goof.

Is Goofy a cow?

No. Goofy is a dog.

Who is better Pluto or Goofy?


What is simile for as goofy as?

As goofy as a goose

What is goofy in Disney?

Goofy is a DOG

Is Goofy a mouse?

No goofy is a dog

Use SpongeBob in a sentence?

mazalizalizamalbibop Im a goofy goober rocker your a goofy gober rock were all goofy goober ya goofy goofy gooby goober rock

Greg lutzka goofy or regular?

he goofy strait up he goofy strait up

Who made goofy?

Goofy was made in 1932.He is named goofy because of his personality ...clumsiness.

Is Emily Osment goofy?

If by goofy you mean funny then yes she is goofy. She has a great personality.

Who is more famous Madonna or Goofy?


Who is more famous Eminem or Goofy?


What kind of animal is goofy?

Goofy is a dog .

Is goofy a dog or a moose?

Goofy is a dog.

Is David Gonzalez goofy?

yes he is goofy

Is paul Rodriguez regular or goofy?


Is nyjah huston regular or goofy?


What is a name for a goofy convict?

goofy the slayer

What actors and actresses appeared in Goofy Goofy Gander - 1950?

The cast of Goofy Goofy Gander - 1950 includes: Mae Questel as Little Audrey

What is kind of animal is Goofy?

Goofy is a cartoon dog.

What is goofy's dog's name?

Goofy is supposed to be a dog, no?

How many teeth does goofy have?

goofy has two teeth

Is josiah gatlyn regular or goofy?

He's a goofy