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red ear slider.

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Q: What species of turtle have red spots on their heads?
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What is a turtle with black spots on the bottom of the shell?

The turtle that has black spots under the shell is a red-eared slider turtle. It is so named because of the red dash that appears around their ears.

Why do turtle species vary?

Turtle species vary because of evolution. Ex: A red turtle mates with a blue turtle, the offspring have red and blue stripes on shell.

What kind of turtle has yellow spots on the neck and a red stripes on legs?

red slider

A turtle with yellow spots and red eyes with a black shell is it poisonous?


What kind of turtle is green with red spots on their head?

It sounds like a red eared slider

What type of turtle has orange spots on it's head and yellow spots on it's front legs?

Probably a red ear slider

What is the most common species of ladybirds?

The red ladybird with black spots is the most common species of ladybirds

Why does your red-eared turtle have white spots?

it usually has this on its shell from fungus.. you need to see a vet if not treated and cured it can be fatal resulting in the death of your turtle.

Are all ladybugs the same color?

No, the common seven spotted ladybird (ladybug) is red with black spots but there are other species which are different colours, such as black with red spots or yellow with black spots.

What are some more invasive species?

some invasive species are the red-eared slider turtle, and the zebra mussles

What is my Turtle he doesn't have hinges on his shell he has dark red eyes and he has orange spots on his legs and yellow stripes on his upper shell?

he might be an eastern box turtle

What species of turtle were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

The Turtles are Red-Ear Sliders

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