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Q: What specifically would be considered joie de vivre or joy of living?
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What is you would like to live in french?

Tu aimerais vivre

How do do say sweet life in french?

You would say, douceur de vivre

Do all living things require all charcteristics of life to be considered living?

Yes they do if not fire along with many other things would be considered living.

Do some non living things have characteristics of living things?

no otherwise it would be considered living

What is an example of a ecosystem?

A fish tank would be considered an ecosyestem because there is a living thing in it. (the fish)

Explain why a robot would not be considered living?

it has no living cells only the the frame that was given to it by the person who created it

Is human brain a living organism?

It would not be considered a living organism because it does not carry out several of the qualifications needed to be considered alive, including feeding and reproducing. It is, however, part of humans who are obviously considered living organisms and also consisting of cells, which are living organisms.

Francophones living in Alberta would be considered to be in a minority setting?


Would dead fish be biotic or abiotic?

it would be considered biotic because it was once living

Explain why the tree which does not move away is also considered a living thing?

A tree, which doesn't move away, is considered a living thing because it has cells. So, all living things have cells wether they move or not, or else they would NOT be living.

Why is it that philosophy is considered as a science of being?

I would argue that metaphysics is more a study of being. Existentialism mor specifically

Why is HIV not considered living?

HIV is a virus, and since viruses require another organism to carry out the functions that would classify it as a living organism, it's considered "dead," that is until it finds a host.