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football i think


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In Greek myth, he was a hunter.

It depends, if you love the sport and love your squad, then yeah!

the national sport of South America is football.

Every cheerleader has a cheerleading squad. Cheerleading is near incomplete if you don't have a squad because just like any other sport you need your team (a squad is a team). Without a squad you are unable to do any stunting. Stunting is important in cheerleading as well.

I believe it is a sport if the cheerleading squad competes in competitions. However if the squad does not then it is nothing more than a group of people girls or boys who like dancing and expressing there self verbally through school spirit.

Rodeo is the most popular sport in South Dakota.

Cheerleading has been a sport since 1898! That is about 120 years! The first official squad was on November 2, 1898.

For school cheerleading, there is a whole squad just for competition. Competition Squad is more for tumbling, jumps, and stunts rather than actual cheers.

The martial art "taekwondo" is the national sport of South Korea (the Republic of Korea).

Baseball is most likely the most popular sport in South Korea

South Africa does not have a national sport. The most common sports are Rugby, Soccer and Cricket though none are officially a national sport.

For my cheerleading squad, cheer season never ends. Cheering is a year round sport

The most popular sport in south Korea is one of the 3, taekwondoe, baseball, or soccer and I should know. I am from South Korea

through what media is sport covered in south Africa - top 5 list

Futbol - Soccer - Football of course. It is not a sport, its a religion.

I don't believe that Gamo it still making the Hunter Sport anymore. But It may still be in stores. The Crosman Phantom 1000 has great reviews but I would lean towards the Gamo as my choice. But it's all up to you.

soccer in the south African cup the team is zamalek!!

It is an South Korean martial art/sport

Tactical to Practical with Hunter Ellis - 2003 Divers Med Tech Attack Cats Sport Cats was released on: USA: 27 September 2004

Soccer is an international sport. Popular in europe, south america, asia, and yes, mexico.

Taekwondo is considered a form of karate and is the national sport of South Korea.

Depends What sport if it's football or baseball Clemson

their favorite sport is soccer.

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