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The WNBA made its debut.


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an event that happened on the year 1997,march 27?

Princess Diana died in August 1997

Well that was the year that Princess Diana died. Also Madelein Avila was born.

In 1997 i have no idea what happened but i need it for home work

it became a Olympic sport in 1963

Jamestown was settled in that year.

For a good list of things that happened in 1997 try the Wikipedia link, below.

cycling. the Tour De France event is very famous

the gasoline car was invented

Daniel Radcliffe was born in 1989 and a lot of famous events happened that year. The most notable event is probably the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The battle of Puebla happened on May 5, 1862.

The 9/11 event happened in the year 2011.

It was the first year of the Kentucky Derby Festival.

One key event that happened in Walt Whitman's life was a stroke he had. Also, his mother died the same year he had the stroke.

They get a lot of income to help their economy grow. Their main event is the F1 event at Sepang, from which they receive millions each year.

The barring of the Jewish students from schooling in Germany was one of the event that happened in the year James Meredith was born.

That was the year that his son Hamnet died.

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Only via Nintendo Event, none of which have happened this year. The last event was in 2009.

Robinson Crusoe returned to Robinson Island. ;)

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