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Q: What sport has the most movies made about it?
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Are most American movies made in Hollywood?

Yes, most of them are

Are all the books going to be movies?

No, but most will. Answer Most will not. By far the vast majority of books will never be made into movies. Only a very tiny percentage of books are made into movies.

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No, most old movies are made on VHS.

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He was in 23 movies, most were small and not popular.

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the crow

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In Holywood city.

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What sport is the focus of the 'Bring It On' movies?

Cheerleading. All the Bring It On movies are all about Cheerleading. Most of them are about the contests and are about the teams having drama!! Hope I helped! :)

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"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" was the MOST expensive movie made.

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Samuel l jackson

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Samuel Jackson

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although most movies are, there are many that are made in different parts of the world like Canada, Germany, Holland and India

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The original Star Wars movies were the most profitable series of movies. Star Wars brought in a total of $797,900,000 worldwide.

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Actors dont make movies they star in them but probably Charlie Chaplin :/

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As of recently, Usain Bolt and others have made track and field the most popular sport in Jamaica.

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