What sports do Sicily do?

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sicilys famous sport is soccer wthout a dout. and i think its the famous sport bevuase its an open sport for everyone

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Q: What sports do Sicily do?
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Sports in Sicily?


What is the ethnicity of Sicily?

Sicily is a part of Italy. The ethnicity of Sicily are Italians.

Where was Archimedes born?

In Syracuse in Sicily In Syracuse in Sicily he was born in Syracuse, Sicily

What is the birth name of Sicily Johnson?

Sicily Johnson's birth name is Sicily Sewell.

What is the capitol of Sicily?

The capital of Sicily is Palermo

Where is the Sicily Island Branch in Sicily Island located?

The address of the Sicily Island Branch is: 308 Newman Street, Sicily Island, 71368 0266

What country is Sicily part of?

Sicily is part of Italy.

How long is Sicily?

Sicily is 1,740 miles long

What is the langue of Sicily?

Italian is the language spoken in Sicily.

What do people do for work in Sicily?

what are the seasons like in sicily

What are the names of volcanoes near Sicily?

Volcanos near Sicily are Stromboli and Vesuvius. On Sicily itself there is Etna.

What is the inactive volcano in Sicily?

Mount Etna is Sicily's volcano.

When did the allies land in Sicily?

The Allies landed in Sicily in 1943.

How hot is Sicily in the summer?

Sicily is about 102 Fahrenheit in summer

What is the Name of the isle of Sicily?

Sicily is an island and it is part of Italy.

What is the name of the island at the toe of itlian mainland?

sicily sicily

Where did mount etna erupt?

it erupted in Sicily Sicily is in Italy

What did Sicily have to do with the Punic wars?

The Punic War was faught in Sicily.

Is Sicily an independent country?

Sicily is part of Italy so no.

What part of Sicily is Corleone in?

The province of Palermo in northern Sicily.

What is the chief seaport of Sicily?

The chief seaport of Sicily is Palermo.

Is Sicily in Italy a natural landform?

Yes Sicily is an island.

Who ate pasta in Sicily?

It was the Arabs who first ate Sicily.

What is the name of the capital city of Sicily?

Palermo is the capital of Sicily.

When was Pact for Sicily created?

Pact for Sicily was created in 2006.