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What squad number will Djibril Cisse wear in Liverpool?


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2011-09-13 13:34:53
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Djibril Cisse wore the number 13, but he doesn't play for them anymore. He now plays for Sunderland.

djibril cisse wore number 9 at Liverpool -


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Benayoun is number 15 in the Liverpool squad.

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The complete squad listing can be found on the team website, at

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English attacking midfielder Steven Gerrard wears the number 8 shirt for Liverpool FC. He is also the captain of the squad.

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It was Andriy Voronin, until his departure in Jan 10 so currently, the number 10 shirt is not in use.

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Dean Saunders.Deano had the same squad number the season before. The following season (93/94) was Nigel Clough.

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