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Djibril Cisse wore the number 13, but he doesn't play for them anymore. He now plays for Sunderland.

djibril cisse wore number 9 at Liverpool -

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Q: What squad number will Djibril Cisse wear in Liverpool?
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What number is Benayoun?

Benayoun is number 15 in the Liverpool squad.

Who is number 10 in Liverpool squad 2012?

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Which football player wears the no 8 shirt for Liverpool?

English attacking midfielder Steven Gerrard wears the number 8 shirt for Liverpool FC. He is also the captain of the squad.

Who are the Liverpool Football Club Squad?

The complete squad listing can be found on the team website, at

Who is Liverpool football team squad number 10?

It was Andriy Voronin, until his departure in Jan 10 so currently, the number 10 shirt is not in use.

Who is the lowest paid football player on Liverpool first squad?


Who wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool in the 1992 1993 season?

Dean Saunders.Deano had the same squad number the season before. The following season (93/94) was Nigel Clough.

Can you name the 2004 Liverpool squad?

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What is David Wheaters squad number?

HIs squad number is 31 for Middlesborough.

How many players are there in the liverpoll football club?

Including reserves, there are 44 players on the Liverpool squad.

What Liverpool football player has scored the most goals?

Steven Gerrard scored the most goals for Liverpool but he is clumsy sometimes but the best player on the squad is Fernando Torres!!!

Who will win premier league?

Liverpool will as they have the most quality in their squad than any other team, think about it.

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There isn't a player called Bradshaw listed in either the main squad or the Academy.

Who will win the champions league title 08 09?

I think Liverpool will win it this time. They have the squad to do it and they have proved that they do not need Fernando Torres to win matches. Well i am a Liverpool fan myself so :). Liverpool all the way babe!

What was Robbie Keanes squad number for Tottenham Hotspur?

Robbie Keanes original shirt number at Tottenham Hotspur was number 22. He later changed this to number 10 which he held right until his transfer to Liverpool. When Robbie Keane returned to Tottenham Hotspur he wore the number 15 shirt.

Who is England football team squad number 4?

England squad number 4 is Sir George Birtchnell

Who is Liverpool squad number 4 past and present?

Holders of the Liverpool number four shirt since squad numbers were introduced by the Premier League in 1993/94- Steve Nicol (1993/94-1994/95) Paul Stewart (1995/96) never played Jason McAteer (1995/96-1998/99) Rigobert Song (1998/99-2000/01) Sami Hyypia (2001/02-2008/09) Alberto Aguilani (2009/10-date) Prior to the introduction of squad numbers, Liverpools regular number fours have included Nicol, Gary Gillespie, Mark Lawrenson, Phil Thompson, Tommy Smith and Gordon Milne.

Why is Liverpool FC bad in your opinion?

Liverpool is bad because they haven't won the Premier League title since 1991. Manchester United has won it 11 times ever since. Liverpool rely too much on key players who aren't all that great. Liverpool are rubbish without Gerrard, Alonzo and Torres, yet you could say the same about any club. The definitive reason is rafa and his bloody squad rotation. It only ever works at a club where you have a good depth in squad (like man u) - LIVERPOOL DON'T!

What is Ten ten's squad number?

hmmm well tenten is in squad 6

What is the value of a squad signed Liverpool football late 1970's early 80's?

Not sure I hav a 1970s sighned liverpool ball and would like to know th value.

Who is the team doctor for Liverpool FC?

Dr Mike Waller - follow link below.

What was zidanes squad number for real Madrid?

number 5

What number did Craig Johnston wear during his playing career with Liverpool?

Back then, there was no squad numbering system, so a player didn't 'have' a number per se. You would see the same player wearing the same number more weeks than not though. Johnstone typically, but not exclusively, wore 10

Where does a squad leader assume his post when the squad drills?

When the squad is in a line formation, the squad leader assumes a post three steps in front of and centered on the squad; when in a column or a column of twos, three steps to the left and centered on the squad. When the squad drills as part of a larger unit, the squad leader occupies the number one (base) position of the squad.

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