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Q: What stage was Photography at before Ansel Adams came along?
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Why isn't Fred archer given his due credit for conceiving the zone system concept and co-inventing the system along with ansel Adams at the art center college in los angeles circa 1939?

Perhaps it is due to the Ansel Adam's prolific application of the technique, which made him far better known. There are plenty of articles that recognize Archer as the creator and Adams and Archer as co-developers of the system. In fact, Adams repeatedly gave Archer credit for creating the system. It became what it is primarily due to the body of work created by Adams through the application of the system, not to mention the books he wrote to explain it. Adams also admitted that he should have used an editor to reduce the complexity and scientific air he brought to the subject.

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Who along with Paul revere warned Samuel Adams that the British were coming?

William Dawes

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Who along with jhon revere warned john Hancock and Samuel Adams the british are coming?

william dawes

Before 1660 were most settlements along the coast or inland?

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Before 1660 were most settlements along coast or inland?

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Did John Adams celebrate Christmas in the white house?

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