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What stains teeth the most?

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There are many things which cause tooth staining and discoloration, including:

  • root beer
  • Foods and drinks (fruits and vegetables, colas, coffee, etc)
  • Disease
  • Advancing Age
  • Trauma

Other, less commonly thought of things, have also been known to cause tooth staining and discoloration:

  • Mouthwash
  • Antibiotics
  • Flouride (both white and brown spots on teeth)

Staining, which occurs on the surface of the tooth enamel, can be removed by use of proper and regular dental hygiene (brushing and flossing, as well as regular cleaning by a dentist) and/or bleaching. Discoloration, which occurs inside the tooth, cannot be removed.

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What liquid stains your teeth the most?

the soda stains your teeth the most than liquid.

What are the affects that coffee has on teeth?

Stains teeth Stains teeth

Science experiments for kids which soda stains teeth most?

i say the dr. pepper stains teeth the most of all the soda but its really good

What drink stains your tongue the most?

Coffeei know its good, but it stains your tongue and teeth.

What stains your teeth the most?

your momyour mom coffee

Which stains the teeth most tea or coffee?

it is coffee

What beverage stains your teeth the most?

I do believe it is coffee.

How can you get rid of teeth stains?

There are many ways to get rid of teeth stains. Brushing your teeth often will prevent stains from appearing. One can buy a teeth whitening kit or strips in order to get rid of stains. Another way to naturally get rid of teeth stains is by brushing with baking soda.

What juice stains teeth most?

Grape juice and cranberry juice

What drink stains teeth most?

Coffee, tea, red wine.

Which soda brand stains teeth the most?

I say Cranberry Juice

How do you remove brown stains from teeth?

to remove brown stains from your teeth you will have to brush them or floss them...

What drink stains your teeth the most and why?

Coffee and Dark Colas such as Coke or Pepsi.

Why does kids juice stain our teeth?

Kids juice stains our teeth because of the artificial coloring inside of it which will stains teeth as we drink it.

What soda stains teeth the most spite coke orange grape or pepsi?


Which stains teeth more coka cola or tea?

Tea stains teeth with prolonged usage while sodas break down the enamel of the teeth.

How does hydrogen peroxide work to bleach teeth?

The peroxide oxidizes the stains on the teeth surfaces making the stains lighter shades.

What stains your teeth the most coke coffee or tea?

i think coffee will because of all the caffine

How does coffee harm teeth?


What ingredient in pop stains teeth?

acid in pop rots the teeth

Which soda stains your teeth?

All, it the acid in the soda the rot's your teeth

Did the Romans brush their teeth using urine?

yes i recommend it to everyone as i have tried it myself and it is most effective in removing stains on teeth, lowering chance of cavities and is most tasteful

What ingredient in drinks stains teeth?

If a food or beverage can leave permanent stains on clothes or carpets, it can probably taint your teeth. This transcendes ingredients.

What liquid stains teeth the most coffee tea or soda?

What stains the most is probably tea. But remember that Tea is good for your health, especialy green tea. Soda takes more time to stain teeth, but their action is irreversible, as it demineralizes the enamel and teeth turn yellow over the years. Also Soda causes cavities. The stains caused by tea can be removed with a dental cleaning. But not the ones from Soda.

How is coffee bad for your teeth?

It causes stains.