What star is called the day star?

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The sun.
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Is there a star called the golden star?

Arcturus, one of the brightest stars seen from earth, is sometimes called The Golden Star. Its name comes from Ancient Greek ????????? (Arktouros) and means "Guardian of the Bear," referring to its position next to the Greater (Ursa Major) and Lesser (Ursa Minor) Bears constellations.

Where are stars in the sky during the day?

They are still out there! The sun's light intrferes with thevisual, when the sun is on the other side of the earth and the skyis dark on your side you are able to see them more clearly. Somestars are visible in the daylight.

Where are the stars in the day time?

The sky is very bright blue during daytime. It just outshines the stars, even the brightest ones:) ya ik im so cool However under perfect conditions the brightest star (Sirius) can be seen on the southern latitudes from the top of the high mountain just before sunset if it's exactly over your hea ( Full Answer )

Can you see stars during the day?

"Vary barly" is what "Takeme2day" said. he may be correct but, when the sun "comes up" the sunlight cancels out the stars. it is like if u turn on a small lamp, then turn on a ceiling light the lamp's light is not seen.

Why is Star Wars called Star wars?

StarWars is an American epic sci-fi film series created byGeorge Lucas. The first film in the series was originally releasedon May 25, 1977, under the title StarWars , by 20th Century Fox, and became a worldwide pop culturephenomenon, followed by two sequels, released at three-yearintervals. Sixt ( Full Answer )

Can you see the stars during the day?

Depends what you mean by "see". Arguably, you could use a complicated filtering system to remove the Sun's light from the signal, so perhaps you could see stars like that. Otherwise the only star you see during the day is the Sun.

Are the stars the same at night as day?

Yes. We merely don't see them (usually), because there is too much light scattered in our atmosphere.\n Yes. We merely don't see them (usually), because there is too much light scattered in our atmosphere.\n Yes. We merely don't see them (usually), because there is too much light scattered in our ( Full Answer )

What time of the day are the stars in the sky?

The stars are always in the sky, 24/7/365. But you can only see them when conditions are favorable. Unfavorable conditions include: -- cloudy sky -- fog or smoke in the air -- sun also in the sky -- full moon in the sky -- lots of city lights around you

Why can you see stars during the day?

why wouldn't you be able to see stars during the day, stars are all around the solar system and the only reason we cant normally see stars during the day is because the sun over powers the stars because the sun is closer but some times you can still see them a bit.

Did green day starred in a movie?

Green day them selves have not , but there have been plenty of green day references, like in school of rock at the end fredy Jones is wearing a warning tshirt , there's tons of them go to green day authority (Google it ) it lists tins of references in films

Which star is called the evening star?

Both Mercury and Venus have been known as the "morning star" or "evening star" in some form for various cultures and civilizations. Sometimes, these evening and morning appearances were thought to represent different "stars." (Of course, they are not stars at all and are rather the two planets close ( Full Answer )

What star is called the warm star?

The Big yellow one we keep time by- The Sun. The Chinese were the first to correctly assess old Sol as a star, and not a planet or something unique in the universe. The Chinese star on flags and badges of nationalist China has l2 points- corresponding to months- again the calendar connection.

What star do you see during the day?

Normally the only star you can see during the daylight hours is the Sun. The light from the sun scatters in our atmosphere and this light is just far too bright to see any other star. . There have been cases however of other "stars" that have been visible during the day. The supernovae of 1054 (wh ( Full Answer )

What is a day measured relative to the stars?

One "day", of 24 hours, is actually a little longer than one rotation of the Earth. The 24-hour day, called a "solar day", is in reference to the position of the Sun in the sky. A "sidereal day", which is exactly one rotation of the Earth with respect to the stars, is 23 hours 56 minutes.

Why is a star called blue star?

Blue stars are made of the same stuff as all the other stars in the Universe ; they're about 75% hydrogen and 24% helium with trace amounts of other elements. The color of a star comes from its temperature. The coolest stars appear red, while the hottest stars are blue. And for a star, the only thi ( Full Answer )

Were do the stars go in the day time?

They are still there in the daytime. They are just difficult to see, because our atmosphere is too bright. Some bright planets (like Venus) or stars (like Sirius) should be visible if you know exactly where to look.

How do you see the stars at the day time?

You can see some of the brightest stars and planets if you know EXACTLY where to look. Look a few degrees off, and you won't see it. I have oftentimes seen Venus (the brightest planet) during the day, even at noon. So far I have not managed to see Sirius (the brightest star), but I have been told th ( Full Answer )

Is there a day without a star sign?

No. Every single day of the year has a star sign dedicated to it. They are done in groups so your birthday might have the same star sign as someone else a month before.

What star is called the Demon star?

The "Demon Star" is Beta Persi, which means it is the second brightest star in the constellation Perseus. Its official name is Algol. It is also the first variable star (in increases and decreases in brightness) that was ever found. The reason for its variability is the fact that it is not one star ( Full Answer )

When do the star s at day time?

The starts are still in the sky at day time, but the starts are bright and so is the sky that you can't see the starts at day time.

Why you can not see stars during the day?

Simple answer: When the sun is out, the sky is brighter than the stars and all of the stars' light is drowned out. Detailed answer: Stars glow during the day, but we can't see them because of the glare of sunlight. When the sun is up, the blue color in sunlight gets scattered all over the atmosphe ( Full Answer )

What can't you see stars in the day?

You cant see the stars at day because that is when all the alien space ship fly over the sky blocking out the stars also the stars may be brbing because their busy trolololo

Which star is called the Morning Star?

No star is called the Morning Star. It is just the planet Venus. It is sometimes also known as the Evening Star. When it can be seen, it usually seen just after sunset and just before sunrise and is very bright as it reflects sunlight. Venus is nearer to the Sun than we are, so it follows or precede ( Full Answer )

Why is a neutron star called a neutron star?

A neutron star is a type of stellar remnant that results from the gravitational collapse of a massive star during a supernova. Such stars are composed almost entirely of neutrons, which are subatomic particles without electrical charge. See related link for more information.

Why do stars seem to move in the day?

The stars usually don't move much, but earth moves a lot. Since star are in view from the earth at any sight direction, the earth rotating, and revolving gets the earth viewing different parts of space from different places. It moves gradually, so the star seem to move.

What day Will a shooting star come?

Any day. Actually, shooting stars are happening around the world 24/7. However they won't really show up in certain areas. Too bright usually

Is there stars during the day?

Absolutely. It's just that often we can barely see them because our sun's light is blocking out their light from getting to us. There are stars everywhere, it's just that during the day it's very hard to see them.

When is Star Trek day?

I can't find any such thing called "Star Trek Day", I suppose youmight mean "First Contact Day" that according to the film willoccur April 5th 2063.

What date is Star Trek day?

I do not think there is an official "Star Trek day", but First Contact Day (April 25th) could be considered as "Star Trek day".

Why you do not see stars during the day?

Because the sunlight is too bright, the weak light from the stars cannot compete with the bright light of the nearest star, our Sun.

Why are the oldest stars called the red stars?

The Milky Way similar to the graph of the sombrero galaxy NGC4594 - a disc shape of spiral galaxy, contains about 200 billion stars. In the galactic plane above and below a halo, including billions of years ago the ancient star formation. Generally, these ancient star contains less gold, platinum an ( Full Answer )

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Do stars leave during the day?

No they don't. The stars are always there in the sky. The earth turns one full rotation in 24 hours. During the day, our side of the earth is facing towards the sun (which is a star itself). During the night, our side of the earth is facing away from the sky out into space, where all the stars are. ( Full Answer )

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