What started the Hindu-Muslim conflict?

Answer 1
I believe the Hindu Muslim conflict began when the Muslims invaded India, and they basically destroyed everything sacred to Hindus. They destroyed cattle, Brahmin, temples, mosques, and even put a tax on Non Muslims.

On Above Answer

  • The claims above are fully groundless. Muslims never destroyed any building or temple or tree or any structure in any country under their control. Check western historians in this regard. (Muslims have actually destroyed numerous historical and regional artifacts from Mohammed's smashing of centuries-old idols to the destruction of Buddhas in Afghanistan. The idea that Muslims never destroyed religious institutions or religious icons with which they do not agree is ridiculous. However, the Muslims in India were typically more tolerant than those outside of India.)
  • Is it logical that Muslims would destroy mosques as claimed above? (No, the person above misspoke. Before Islam came to India, there were no mosques by sheer logic.)
  • Is it logical that Muslims would destroy cattle as claimed above? (Conquerors have a tendency to pillage, so yes, it is quite logical.)
  • You can refer to Spain history and compare what Muslims did there when Spain was under Muslims control with what happened after Muslims lost control of Spain. (The Almohads were quite famous in Spain for massacring both the Muslim and non-Muslim population during their brief rule and Castillian King Alfonso VI granted amnesty to all Jews and Muslims in his realm after he conquered Toledo. Both Muslims and non-Muslims in Spain have been benevolent and committed atrocities. Furthermore, the Muslims who ruled Spain were very different people living at a different time period than those who controlled India, so the comparison is a little odd.)

Answer 2
Conflict between Hindus and Muslims started due to political reasons fabricated by the English India Occupiers to split the country apart into two parts that became Pakistan and India in order to ensure more control over both parts. Gandhi leader himself blessed prophet Muhammad and appraised him. Refer to the question below for more information on how Muslims treat non Muslims.

The first Hindu-Muslim conflict in the modern age was the Moplah Rebellion in Kerala in 1921 in which Muslims killed a lot of Hindus.

Answer 3
In terms of who first attacked whom, the Hindus of India were not historically imperialistic beyond the borders of the Indian subcontinent. The first Muslim-Hindu interaction, therefore was when Babur the Mughal (a Muslim) conquered lands on the southern side of the Hindu Kush mountains. Therefore the first blows between Hindus and Muslims were at Muslim hands. However, in the case of Babur, being Muslim was incidental and not an important defining aspect of his identity.

The Mughal Rulers were all Muslim but varied in how they treated the Non-Muslim Indian population. There were those like Akbar the Great who treated Non-Muslims with a high degree of tolerance, including repealing the jizya tax and incorporating numerous protections for Hindus (as well as for Sikhs and Christians). This led to his popularity in Hindu circles and resentment from the Muslim scholarship who were used to having unique privileges in Mughal India. His grandson, King Aurangzeb, had exactly the opposite temperament. He is well-known in India for forcibly converting Hindus to Islam as well as destroying major Hindu Temples such as the Kashi Vishwanath temple, Kesava Deo temple, and the Somnath temple.

Of course, Hindus did not take theses offense lying down, whence the conflict comes.