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in the Louisiana purchase

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Westward of the Mississippi River (In Mississippi)

In Paris and it was signed by Robert Livingston

In New Orleans, Louisiana. During the War of 1812 is when it took place.

The person that sold the Louisiana Purchase was Napoleon Bonaparte. He sold it because he needed money for all the wars he fought during that time and he ended up selling it for $15,000,000.

at the behest of United Secretary of State

I am going to take a wild stab and assume you mean the Louisiana Purchase in which case the answer is the treaty was signed on May 2, 1803. France sold the Louisiana Territory to the US for 15 million dollars.

The Louisiana Purchase was one of the greatest land deals ever to take place. Louisiana was so big that it made our nation over 23% bigger, making America difficult to attack. It also gave the American colonies a place to legally expand to. Before we purchased it from France, Americans were illegally moving there anyway. To sum it all up, the Louisiana Purchase was a prerequisite to the growth and the sustaining of America.

You file for divorce in the state in which you are a legal resident, even if that's not the state where you got married.

Louisiana State University

The Africans Told Us that they would take New Orleans So We Made An agreement with Asia To Give us The Louisiana Territory. They gave it to us and we then owned New Orleans. The Africans could not Take New Orleans away from us.

The Louisiana Purchase was the land west of the Mississippi River that was bought from Napoleon while he was trying to take over Europe. Lewis and Clark went out on a mission across the Louisiana Purchase to find the Northwest Passage. (There mission was a failure, since there was no Northwest Passage).

The transaction took place in France, the Louisiana territory was located West of Mississippi, south of British Canada, east of Oregon Country and Mexico (Texas, New Mexico, etc.)

At the Cadian Ball is a novel written by Kate Chopin. The novel takes place in the United States in the state of Louisiana. The book was written in the year 1892.

April 30, 1803 is the date that the negotiators signed the purchase treaty in Paris. The US Senate ratified it on October 20, 1803 and the US formally took possession on December 20, 1803.

The purchase of Alaska by the United States was called Seward's Folly after the US Secretary of State, William Seward. It took place on 30 Mar, 1867 for the price of $7 million USD.

The lousianna purchase happened in 1803 April 30th.

Texas bordor Mexico and that's where the take over took place with Napolian Barnapas in 1812. The fight for the territory of Louisiana purchase and Mexico protecting its territory.

The length of time it takes to get a Louisiana State refund from an e-filed return can vary. As of February 2014, the state stated e-filed returns may take around 21 days for processing.

On the 30th April 1803 the Purchase Treaty was signed

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A creditor must go through the proper court proceedings to garnish wages. If a credit card company goes to court, and gets a judgment against you, then wage garnishment can take place in the state of Louisiana.

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