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Derek Jeter plays his home games in the state of New York, as a member of the Yankees. When the team goes on the road, they play throughout the United States and Toronto, Canada.

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How did Dave Winfield inspire Derek Jeter to play baseball?

He made Derek Jeter play baseball for his whole little league career

Who inspired Derek Jeter?

Derek Jeter was inspired to play baseball by his childhood idol, Dave Winfield.

What did Derek Jeter do?

He did, and still does, play baseball for the New York Yankees

Did Derek Jeter play little league baseball?

no, he played little leagUe baseball.

How did Derek Jeter become a baseball player?

He began to play baseball after he enjoyed playing baseball

Did Derek Jeter play in the Olympics?

No, Derek Jeter never played in the Olympics.

What does Derek Jeter like to do besides baseball?

Derek Jeter is a sports nut. Outside of baseball, his favorite hobby is to play golf. There is even a golf tournament each year that is named for him.

What team does Derek Jeter play for?

Derek Jeter is a member of the New York Yankees.

Did Derek Jeter play for the Milwaukee Brewers?

No, Derek Jeter has never played for the Brewers.

What baseball team did Derek Jeter play for?

He still plays for the yankees, and always has.

Did Derek Jeter play football?

Not professionally. But he did play basketball, along with baseball, in high school.

Which Major League Baseball teams did Derek Jeter play on?

Derek Jeter began playing for the New York Yankees in 1995. The Yankees are the only MLB team that Derek has ever played for.

What position does Derek Jeter play?

Derek Jeter had played Shortstop for the New York Yankees.

What MLB team does Derek Jeter play for?

Derek Jeter plays for the New York Yankees.

How long will Derek Jeter play baseball?

He will probably retire in about 5 or 6 years.

Why does Derek Jeter like to play baseball?

cause he watch his father play baseball when he was little and he wanted to be like him when he grew up

What does Derek Jeter love doing?

Derek Jeter loves to play baseball for the New York Yankees. He also loves to be able to have a chance at winning the World Series every season.

Did Derek Jeter play football in high school?

No he didn't. He played basketball and baseball though.

Did Derek Jeter play baseball when he was in college?

No, you see he didn't really go to college, Derek Jeter went to Kalamazoo Central High School from 1988-1992. Then he passed on a scholarship to Michigan State and was drafted 6th overall by the Yankees. While he was in the minor leagues he attended one semester at the University of Michigan, but he did not play baseball there.

Why did Derek Jeter want to play baseball?

Because he watched his dad play baseball growing up and he wanted to be just like his dad.

What position does derick jeter play?

Derek Jeter plays ShortStop...(s.s) Derek Jeter plays for the New York Yankees and is the best player on the team!

Where did Derek Jeter play little league baseball at?

Kalamazoo, MI. If I remember right, he played for Westwood.

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