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new york

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Q: What state has the most child abductions?
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Which state has the most child abductions?

New York

Where does Arizona rank in child abductions?

I read a few years ago (dont remember what source) that it was the number one state for child abductions.

How many child abductions happen in a day?

By strangers, approximately .410. There are on average, according to the FBI, 100-200 child abductions by strangers every year.The numbers for family abductions are not tracked.

How many children are kidnapped a day?

An estimated 2,000 children are kidnapped every day. There are three main types of child kidnappings; family abductions, acquaintance abductions and stranger abductions.

How many child abductions happened yearly from 1970-1980?


Which country has the most alien abductions?


Are child abduction increasing or decreasing?

The total number of child abductions per year remains relatively stable by FBI reports. While there may be a slight increase in the number of family related abductions, the number of stranger abductions stays at about 100-200 per year in the US. The exact number is difficult to determine, because the FBI does not track child abductions and must rely on the reports of other law enforcement agencies.

Why do child abductions happen?

Child Abduction can happen for different reasons. The main reason is because the abductor is lonely. They might have lost a child.

Are alien abductions real?

NO!!!! alien abductions are (not) Real!

Are there alien abductions in Texas?

There are no alien abductions anywhere in the world. Texas is part of the world so the answer is no.

What part of the world has aliens been spotted the most?

If you're looking for the most abductions, probably Nome, Alaska.

Where do the most alien abductions happen?

When you observe through a telescope at night, so wherever you would do that.

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