What state has the most contingent borders?

Missouri with 8

Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois


Tennessee with 8

Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina



to verify

I think this is a trick question. None of the states have a contingent border. All the states borders have been established. Maybe the author of the question meant contiguous borders.



since borders are inherently contiguous

to describe them as contiguous would be meaningless

or redundant at best


in point of fact

a few state borders or segments of state borders are indeed indefinite or disputed etc

& therefore uncertain or conditional etc


contingent isn't necessarily meaningless in this connection

but the question is still tricky

for it certainly does not ask what state borders the most other states

as the above answer assumes


an exacting response is still possible


the correct answer very much appears to be Arkansas

which has no fewer than 3 contingent borders


indefinite ones with Tennessee & Mississippi

according to usgs topos

probably because the center of the main channel of the Mississippi river has been so elusive


ever since the Oklahoma Texas state line was modified in 2000

a defective southernmost segment or tiny gap in the Arkansas border with Oklahoma as well