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Popular belief is Florida (the sunshine state), however, that is merely the "popular" belief perpetuated by license plates and the Florida visitors bureau. The actual meteorological data shows that 5 U.S. states actually have a greater claim on that title than Florida. The top state, and it makes sense when you think about it, is Arizona. Next, are California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, in that order. These stats are from the national weather service and were reported in USA Today. As stated in the USA Today article, Florida has more days where between 20% and 70% of the sun is blocked by clouds than anywhere else in the United States. See what marketing can do for you.

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Q: What state has the most days of sunshine?
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What States have the most sunny days?

Two states with the most sunny days are California and Hawaii. However, the state of Florida also has sunny days, hence it's nickname 'The Sunshine State'.

What state has the most sunny days a year?

Arizona. See the Related Links for " - Sunshine State isn't the sunniest" to the bottom for the answer.

Florida is called The sunshine state why?

Florida is called the Sunshine State because of its subtropical to tropical climate and annual average of 230 days with sunshine.

What state has the least days of sunshine?


How many days of sunshine in Washington state?


How many days of sunshine does New York State get?


What is the state that has the nickname peninsula state?

Florida, although the more common nickname these days is The Sunshine State.

Which state has the most nfl hall of famers?

Has to be The Sunshine State.

What is the State Motto of Forida?

The Sunshine State is most common.

What state in the USA gets the most sunshine year round?

Yuma, Arizona gets the most year-round sunshine of any place in the United States. Yuma is also the least humid and has fewer days of precipitation than any other US city.

Which state gets fewer days of sunshine in the winter Florida or Ohio?


How many days of sunshine does Florida get?

The days of sunshine depends on where you are in Florida. The range of sunshine last from 74 days up to 128 days.

What Canadian city has the most days of sunshine?

Calgary, Alberta

What city in Washington State has the most sunshine?


What US City has the most days of sunshine per year?


Which southwest town professes to have the most days of sunshine?

Tucson, AZ

What country has the most days of sunshine per year?

Ecuador 365

What state is the sunshine state?

Florida is known as The Sunshine State.

What US state receives the most amount of sunshine?


Which is Australia's sunshine state?

Queensland is the Austalian state with the nickname of "Sunshine State". This is because much the state has a mild and temperate climate all year around, and some of the most popular beaches in Australia.

How many days of sunshine in a year does Kenya have?

how many days of sunshine does Kenya have

Besides Florida what other state is the sunshine state?

There is no other 'sunshine state'. It's a common misconception that California is the Sunshine state, but it holds the title of the Golden State.

Is California the sunshine state?

No, California is the Golden State. Florida is the Sunshine State.

What is Florida's nicknames?

Florida's most common nickname is "The Sunshine State".

What state can you find sunshine?

Florida is nicknamed the "Sunshine State."