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This is the Louisiana Purchase from the French in 1803.

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When someone buys something, that action of buying is called a "purchase".

You must purchase it in the state where the vehicle is registered.

A "purchase" is something you buy, that is, something you bought. Synonyms include acquisition and investment.

ass terrell It is called transportation A.K.A Lets Do Something DIRTY

to "purchase" is the same as to "buy".If you make a purchase then you have bought something.

the change from a liquid state to a gas state is called the different forms of water or liquid. the gas state is called vaper or evanacense wich means the disaperance of water, or something else.

I believe the all state constitutions are the same because there is something called the US constitution

Some people did not believe that the Secretary of State displayed wisdom in buying it.

US Secretary of State Seward was able to purchase the territory now known as the state of Alaska from Russia. Many people believed it was a worthless purchase and nicknamed it "Seward's Folly". The purchase took place in 1867. Until purchased by the US, it was called Russian Alaska. It turned out to be a valuable deal for the US.

The state of Alaska was the Alaskan purchase

That is the correct spelling of "purchase" (to buy, something bought).

When something goes from the vapor state to the liquid state it is called "condensing." Melting refers only to the transition from the solid to the liquid state.

State University of New York at Purchase was created in 1967.

It depends. You can purchase a shotgun or rifle in any state, as long as that state's laws allow it. Handguns, you can only purchase within your home state. You can however purchase a handgun in another state and have the dealer or individual ship the gun to a dealer in your state and pick it up there.

That was the purchase of Alaska from Russia.

Purchase College, State University of New York, is located in Purchase, New York. Purchase College, is one of 13 colleges in the State University of New York system.

Secretary of State William Seward urged Congress to purchase Alaska.

The state of possessing something is 'ownership'.

You can help prevent it by giving your dog something called frontline. You ca purchase frontline at your dog's vet.

That will depend on the state and local laws, the purchase agreement, and the dealer itself.That will depend on the state and local laws, the purchase agreement, and the dealer itself.

If you purchase something you are not getting it free. You are exchanging something of mutual value for something else of mutual and equal value. Usually a currency.

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