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What state is close to the Ohio river?


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Ohio is the closest state to the Ohio River that's why it is called the Ohio River.

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Cincinnati is in the state of Ohio. It is located in the southwestern part of the state, on the banks of the Ohio River, very close to Kentucky.Ohio

The state of Ohio is named after the Ohio River. Ohio is the name that the Iroquois Indians used when referring to the river and means "large" or "beautiful river."

The Ohio River borders Kentucky and Ohio. The Licking River also starts on the Ohio River and runs through that state of Kentucky.

The Ohio river forms the southern border of Ohio.

No State is north of Ohio. Lake Erie forms the northern border of Ohio. The Ohio River forms the southern border of Ohio.

Ohio was named for the Ohio River

The longest river in the State of Ohio is the Scioto, at 231 miles long. The Scioto originates in Auglaize County in West Central Ohio and terminates in the Ohio River near Portsmouth. The Ohio River, which borders 451 miles of the State, comprises portions of the eastern and southern border of the state and does not reside in the State.

It is named after the Ohio River.

The US river and state name is Ohio.

The longest river in the State of Ohio is the Scioto, at 231 miles long.

The Ohio River and Lake Erie. the Mississippi river goes through Ohio

The Mississippi River is nowhere near Ohio. Its tributary, the Ohio River, separates Ohio from Kentucky and West Virginia to the south.

Starting in western Pennsylvania, the Ohio River borders Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois. The Ohio River does not border 44 States.

Indiana. The Ohio River does not go through Virginia.

The state of Illinois is bordered by the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. The state of Kentucky is also bordered by both rivers.

Kentucky, which is on the south and east side of the Ohio River has the longest border.

The Great Miami River at approximately 150 miles long

There are several river and lakes located in the state of Ohio. Rivers include the Blanchard River, Scioto River, and the Mad River.

Lake Erie and the Ohio River.

In the South West corner right on the Ohio River.

It's along the southern border, between Ohio and West Virginia/Kentucky. The southern edge of the state is defined by the river.

No the Erie Canal did not join the Ohio River. But New York was not the only state that built canals. The state of Ohio also built canals. The Miami and Erie Canal went to the Ohio River. The Erie and Ohio Canal also reached the Ohio River. Neither of these canals were as successful as the Erie Canal.

The Great Miami River starts in Logan County, Ohio. It then flows southward through Dayton, Middletown, Hamilton, joining with the Whitewater River in southwestern Hamilton County. It empties into the Ohio River at the Ohio/ Indiana state line. There is also a river called the Little Miami River which starts in Clark county, Ohio and empties into the Ohio River in eastern Hamilton County, Ohio.

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