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The home state it is in is New Hampshire.

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State and home of George Washington?

Mount Vernon, Virginia.

What state is the Mount Rainier?

The state of Washington.

This state is the home of Mount St Helen's a semi active volcano that erupted in 1980?


What state is Mount Rainier located in?

Washington State

What was George Washington's home state?

George Washington resided his whole life in Virginia. His adult home is called Mount Vernon.

Do you have any active volcanoes in the US?

* Mount St. Helens, Washington State * Lassen Peak, California * Mount Shasta, California * Mount Rainier, Washington State

What western state contains Mount Baker Mount Olympus and Mount Rainier?


What state contains Mount Rainier Mount Olympus and Mount baker?

Washington of course!

In which state is mount st Helens located?

Mount St Helens is located in the state of Washington.

Why wasnt Vermont a COLONY?

it was made a state later as a tribute to George Washington who's home was on mount Vernon.

What state is mount st helen in?

it is located in Washington state

In what state did Mount Saint Helens erupt?

Washington State

What state did mount st helens erupt?

Washington state

What state is Mount Saint Helens located?

Washington state

In what state is mount saint helens?


In which state is Mount Adams located?


Home of President Washington?

Mount Vernon.

In what state is mount Rainer located?

Mount Rainier is located in the southwest central area of Washington State.

What was the home of George Washington before he was president?

Mount Vernon Mount Vernon

What is the tallest mountain in the state of Washington?

Mount Rainier

Mount saint helens is in what state?

Washington...I think

What state can you find mount saint helens?


What county is mount baker in?

Washington State, USA

What state is volcano Mount Saint Helens?


What were the exploration of Washington state?

mount st. helens