What state that forms part of the southern border of Alabama?


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Florida and the remaining southern border is the Gulf of Mexico.

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Alabama whole Eastern border is the state of Georgia. It's Southern border on the East is the state of Florida.

The Ohio river forms the southern border of Ohio.

No State is north of Ohio. Lake Erie forms the northern border of Ohio. The Ohio River forms the southern border of Ohio.

Mississippi has the longest border with Alabama.

Mississippi has the largest and longest border with Alabama.

The South-West tip of Alabama is directly on the Gulf of Mexico. The remainder of the state's southern border is adjacent to Florida. To the west, Mississippi is Alabama's neighbouring state and the Eastern border is adjacent to Georgia. Alabama's northern neighbour is the state of Tennessee.

No river forms a boarder to the southern side of the US state of Louisiana. Louisiana's southern border is the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Southern Georgia & Southeastern Alabama.Source(s):My Educated Memory & Mind

Nebraska is the US state with South Dakota on its northern border and Kansas on its southern border.

The US state of South Dakota is the southern border of North Dakota.

The state Alabama is located in the Southern Region.

No, Kentucky is considered a southern state, or a southern Border State.

The Columbia River serves as a part of the southern border the state of Washington.

Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska, a state whose northern border is South Dakota and whose southern border is Kansas.

At the beginning of the US Civil War, the "southern" border States were Kentucky and Missouri. In this answer, Maryland is excluded in that although it was a pro=southern slave State, it cannot be considered a border State.

Mississippi is the state named after the Mississippi River that forms most of its western border.

The Southern longleaf pine.

Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee,and Florida

Kansas is the US state on the southern border of Nebraska. The capital city of Kansas is Topeka.

The official state tree of Alabama is the southern longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Miller). The southern pine tree was first designated as the state tree in 1949. In 1997 the southern longleaf pine was specified.

The longest highway in Alabama is Interstate 65. It stretches from the border with Tennessee almost to the border of Florida. Given that it is almost border to border, this would make it the longest one in the state.

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