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It was written in Philadelphia, PA. See the following website for additional info:

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Q: What state was the Constitution written in?
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When was the state constitution written?

Each state constitution was written independently and at different times.

For who was the constitution written?

the constitution was written for the savety of th citizens of the united state.

When was the new york state constitution written?

the new york state Constitution was written on April 21, 1777.

When was the Wyoming state Constitution written?

Wyoming State Constitution was founded on November in 1889

Where the constitution written?

The constitution was written in the same place the decleration of independence was written which was the Pennsylvania state house. (:

What is considered to be the world's first written constitution?

constitution of medina(a state of Saudi Arabia) was the first written constitution in the world .believe it or not

When was the first state constitution written?


Does each state have a written constitution?


When was the U.S Constitution written and where was written?

it was written in the Pennsylvania state house in the year 1787.

In which state and in what year was the first constitution written?

The articles of confederation were written in Pennsylvania state house in 1780.

Where was the Indiana state constitution written?

Corydon, Indiana

What state has the oldest written state Constitution?

The United States

How did state constitutions contribute to the writing or ideals of the constitution?

State constitutions did not contribute to the US constitution. When it was written there were no states as we know them in 1789.

What has the author William H Combs written?

William H. Combs has written: 'An unamended state constitution: the Tennessee constitution of 1870' -- subject(s): Tennessee. Constitution

Which colony adopted the first written constitution?

The state of Connecticut

What has the author John Dinan written?

John Dinan has written: 'The Virginia State Constitution'

What is the highest written law in wv?

The West Virginia State Constitution is the highest written law in matters of state jurisdiction; the US Constitution is the "Supreme Law of the Land" that supersedes the state constitution only if there are conflicts between the two documents in areas where the United States has jurisdiction.

When was PA's first constitution written?

The first Pennsylvania Constitution was written in 1776, but it didn't take affect until 1789. This constitution became the framework of all future state constitutions.

The fundamental law of state government is written in?

each states constitution.

When was the first Kentucky state constitution written?

June 1, 1792

When was Nebraska's First State Constitution written?

October 12, 1875

Where did the contiential congress meet?

Philadelphia State House. The constitution was written there.

When was the first constitution of the state of Tennessee written?

Tennessee's original constitution was written in conjunction with Tennessee applying for admission as a state. It became effective on June 1, 1796, the date on which Tennessee was admitted into the Union.

When was the original Maryland state constitution written?

Work on the Maryland Constitution of 1776 was completed on 11 November 1776.

Why didn't anyone representing Nevada sign the constitution?

Becsuse Nevada wasnt a state when the constitution was written and signed.