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What states can you get a divorce in if you are pregnant?


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All of them, pregnancy does not prevent either spouse from filing a petition for the dissolution of a marriage, nor will it prevent the divorce from being granted.

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Texas is one of the states that will not allow a divorce while the mother is pregnant.

Yes, you can divorce while pregnant in any state of the United States. I would suggest you get child support with the divorce.

Can a pregnant woman get a divorce in Oklahoma? Can a pregnant woman get a divorce in Oklahoma?

yes, you can divorce regardless of whether or not you are pregnant

Yes you can get a get a divorce from your husband. Your husbands lawer would say that you have cheated on your husband and that is the grounds for a divorce. The only way you can not get a divorce is if your husband refuses to sign the divorce papers. (Once a spouse is Served by the court with the summons/notice of divorce refusing to sign the divorce papers will not stop the divorce,it will still proceed,the spouse may however contest the divorce if they can prove cause,which in most cases only delays the divorce)AnswerThere are some states that will not allow a woman to get divorced if she is pregnant. In those states, a divorce would not be granted until after the baby is born.

It states that the wife cannot now be pregnant by the husband, if you look under the Illinois Simplified Divorce Procedures.

Yes, your husband can file for a divorce in Illinois if you are pregnant.

You can start divorce procedings and check the box that asks if the wife is pregnant.

You can have a divorce at any time. There are certain boxes to check on the documents stating that the wife is pregnant.

Pregnancy is irrelevant in a divorce case.

If you're wife is pregnant a divorce can still be granted. However, the judge can stall the divorce until after the child is born to establish paternity.

You cannot get a divorce in Arkansas if the woman is pregnant - even if the baby is not the husband's. You must wait until the child is born, and paternity is established before a divorce is granted.

Yes, you have an absolute right to get a divorce in California, regardless of your circumstances.

All US states have no fault divorce laws. No reason is necessary to obtain a divorce than the marriage is done. Regardless of whether one spouse will not sign, the divorce can still be granted as a default judgment, typically by simply motioning the court.

You are entitled to get a divorce in California, regardless of the fact that you may be pregnant. California is a no fault state. Pregnancy has no impact on the ability to obtain a divorce based upon irreconcilable differences.

The courts won't finalize a divorce in Kentucky until after the birth of the baby.

A marriage in any state is recognized in all states, and a divorce in any state is a divorce in all states.

if you move then you can divorce anywhere.

Yes, with certain terms and conditions.

Yes. A bill was signed in April 2005 allowing a pregnant woman do divorce, saying that it was unlawful to deny her divorce because of her gender.

No fault divorce allows someone to divorce their spouse for reasons that are recognized by the state. Below is a link that has alot more information on divorce. Arkansas is a no fault divorce state.

Even if your husband is angry and states that you do not really want a divorce, you can still be granted a divorce in all states. A divorce generally only requires one signature and a judgment from a judge.

I'm not sure about getting divorce if getting pregnant in Illinois, what I'm concerned about is the wife being accused with adultery. Careful !

No. A legal divorce would be recognized by all the other states in the US.No. A legal divorce would be recognized by all the other states in the US.No. A legal divorce would be recognized by all the other states in the US.No. A legal divorce would be recognized by all the other states in the US.

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