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Ohio had suspended your license. That means you already have one and cannot get another legally.


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Wait for the Ohio suspension period to expire.

You are only allowed to have a license from one state at a time. And you Ohio license is valid, even though suspended.

As long as the license is considered valid in Ohio, it is valid in all other states as well.

Yes, if the infraction happened inside the state lines. however, they won't suspend the license themselves, but will request Ohio to suspend it.

As long as you obtain a license in the state of Ohio before your you get suspended in Florida you license will still by valid. If you wait until after your license in suspended then Ohio will not issue you one. So, if you know your going to lose your license get on an airplane fly to Ohio get a license and you'll be fine. Its kinda of like the grandfather rule. Got to like the loop-hole system:-)

If you have legally moved to Ohio, you can take your Illinois licence and get an Ohio license.

There is a fee penalty but nothing else. They will allow you to change your license when you get around to it.

To change your Pennsylvania license back to an Ohio drivers license, you must first reside in Ohio. Visit any Bureau of Motor Vehicles to begin that process.

Please contact the local DMV in Illinois who can help you out.

To drive in the state of Ohio, drivers must posses a valid license that is issued either from the State of Ohio or any state in the United States of America.

No. All states share their DMV information with one another and honor each others court and DMV decisions.

You can definitely exclude your spouse from your auto insurance. They shouldn't be driving if their license is suspended so they don't need insurance.

Yes. All states share their DMV files and information.

what ever age you need to be to get your drivers license. after that you can get your motorcycle license for 3 years probationary, if you don't already have your full drivers license. if you do have your full drivers license it is only 1 year probationary.

If you do have a license I hope you are a driver registered to the drive Ohio. If you only have a ID you will need to go to Ohio very so fast and then you will just be there!

Absolutely. You have one drivers license. The ticket is tied to this drivers license number and therefore will go on your driving record no matter what state the license is from. It will definitely show up on your record.

Depends on what class licence you have. See the related link.

It depends on the state. Ohio will, but I don't know about any other states. I don't think that New York will, but I am not sure about that

Younger than 18 y/oResident of OhioUS Citizen/ lawfully present in US

You cannot get an Ohio state veterinary license if you are a convicted felon. Most states do not allow this.

Providing that you are in compliance with all the restrictions (if any) on the license issued to you by your state, you will be legal to do so.

18 and already holding a valid Ohio drivers license. If you get a CDL before you're 21, you'll get an "intrastate only" restriction which prohibits you from operating a CMV outside of your home state, and you will not be able to get a hazmat endorsemen.

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