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There are different kinds of retirement pay. Some, such as Illinois, exempt all retirement pay from taxes. Others exempt Social Security benefits, and/or military pensions, and/or public pensions, and/or private pensions, or nothing at all. So there is no one-size-fits-all answer to your question. Instead, here is a good resource for you to explore:

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Q: What states do not tax retirement pay?
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Do you have to pay income tax on standard retirement?

Sure. Its simply income

Do you have to pay income tax on your retirement money you transferred from overseas to US?

I'm not sure what you mean by the overseas thing, or if it makes a difference. Most all retirement savings in thr US are nly tax deferred don'tay the tax on the money you save when you earn it, but you do pay it when you withdraw it at retirement.

Best states for active retirement?

Florida has a best tax rates for retirement. you can find more information on all states on

Why would no tax be taken out of your retirement?

Because you pay for it over a period of time to get your retirement when you reach that certain age.

How at 72 would the combination of army disability retirement pay with federal retirement pay with social security pay and with a TSP or private annuity work in aggregate and from the tax standpoints?

If you use a tax preparation program, it will ask you the source of the payments and the amounts and it will sort out the tax amounts owed. The system will recognize which are taxable and so on from the information you enter. Otherwise, a visit to your tax accountant will help you with this.

Are retirement benefits taxed?

Federal tax, yes. In states they may be, but some states give retirees a tax break. Some states have no income tax.

Do Colorado teachers pay social security tax?

No, Colorado teachers pay into an "independent" retirement account and are exculded from social security.

What is the tax rate once some has retired?

The tax rate for retirees varies depending on their income and the specific tax laws of their country or state. Generally, retirees may be subject to income tax on their retirement income, such as pensions and withdrawals from retirement accounts. Some countries or states may have special tax provisions for retirees, such as lower tax rates or exemptions for certain types of retirement income. It is recommended to consult a tax professional or review the tax laws applicable to your situation for accurate information.

What states do not pay federal tax?


What merit goods does the US government pay for through the Medicaid payroll tax?

Retirement benefits -- apex.

Does the teacher retirement system of Texas pay a payroll tax?

No, educators don't pay into the Social Security payroll tax. Instead they pay into the Teacher Retirement System. Since they don't contribute to Social Security they can not draw from it even though they meet the age requirements. So this payroll hike will not affect their paychecks.

What merit good does the US government pay for through the medicare payroll tax?

Retirement benefits -- apex.