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Q: What states don't allow restraining orders?
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How many states dont allow animal abuse?

Most states dont allow animal abuse but not all do .

Are you allowed to have pet hybrid wolves in the US?

I dont know about that but some states allow it and some dont. Like Arkansas does'nt allow full blown wolves but does allow pet wolfdogs. Yes in some states u can but you will have to check your local laws.

Can states make laws about marriage?

yes because some states allow gay marriage and some dont

How do you get a mean person out of your house?

you ask them to leave and if they dont get a restraining order on them

Do you need a permit to carry an unconcealed firearm in Missouri?

think 7 states dont allow Open Carry

How do you get a restraining order in philadelphia?

I need to get a restraining order before my live in roommate kills me.he has been very abusive to me and the police dont even come anymore.i also just lost my job so i dont have any can i do this process for free.

Is it legal to drive a 49cc scooter without a license?

in some states you can drive it without a license and in some states they are strict about some of you own safety regulations. if they dont allow it, then dont dis obey the laws, bcause they care for your safety.

Does the university of Minnesota allow parties?

yes no they dont allow parties

Is it legal to use binoculars at a persons house?

yea unless the have a restraining order but be carefull the dont htink your peeping

Will you get more time for absconding?

in some cases yes however most states dont add time they just wont allow bond

Can your neighbor keep chickens?

Yes, in some states they allow and dont allow, I don't know in which state you are living in but I reccomend that you check state laws beacuse he/she could be doing some animal abusement in there

Which religion did not allow its priests to marry?

Which religions dont allow priets to marry?

What is the 5 orders of succession to the presidency?

Dont know, thats why i'm asking

Can Walmart gift card be used to buy Walmart gas?

Absolutely! Many states even allow $0.10 off per gallon if you use either a walmart gift card or credit card. The states that dont allow the 10 cents off will typically allow a $0.03 cent discount per gallon.

Can you move in with your girlfriend?

not if your parents dont allow it!

Is it ok to smoke in a tattoo shop?

Seriously? It depends on the states tobacco laws and most places of employment dont allow smoking in or around the vicinity

Are you allowed to record someone when they dont know?

It depends on the state you're in. Some states allow it if "One person agrees", which is YOU!!! Check your state statutes.

Can 15 years old work at footlocker in mass?

Yes and no some states dont allow it and some do? but just go into the store and ask yourself

How many states dont allow death penalty?

15 states do not allow the death penalty:AlaskaHawaiiMassachusettsNew Mexico (two people are still currently on death row but the death penalty has since been abolished)VermontMichiganIowaMaineMinnesotaNew JerseyNew YorkNorth DakotaRhode IslandWest VirginiaWisconsinPlus the District of Columbia

Andrew Jackson was right to act without orders?

noo i dont think so

What country does not allow people to have pet dogs?

i dont know i dont think there is such a place

Does mitosis allow the zygote body to grow?

dont know and dont care hahahaha lol

Can a paramedic perform a Umbilical catherization on doctors orders?

Yes...even without orders...the problem comes that most squads dont carry caths long enough to do this...

Do cell phone companies allow jailbreak?

i dont think they do

Why dont some countries allow religion?

They belive that it is wrong