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The only one I can think of could possibly would be Syphilis ?

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Q: What std causes fatigue swollen lymph nodes and muscle twitching?
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What substance causes muscle fatigue?

The buildup of lactic acid causes muscle fatigue.

Why is your left arm twitching?

There could be several medical causes for a left arm twitching. The twitching could be caused by a muscle or even a nerve.

What causes muscle fatigue and how do you know if you are expreiencing muscle fatigue?

Muscle fatigue results due to accumulation of lactic acid in muscle. It formed by anaerobic breakdown of glucose.

What are the causes of muscle fatigue?

over exertion

Does proprioception deficit cause muscle twitching?

yes it does cause muscle twitching

What causes lip twitching?

Muscle twitches or spasms can be caused by a number of factors, mostly stress or fatigue. A diet low in potassium has also been found to increase the likelihood of involuntary musclular twitches.

What is the name of the substance which causes muscle fatigue?

lactic acid

Causes of muscle fatigue?

Muscle fatigue may be caused by overexertion or a lack of nutrition. Aside from these, the other two causes center around the nerve signal and the ability of the muscle fibers to contract properly.

What chemical build up causes muscle fatigue and muscle cramps?

Lactic Acid

Can drinking more water than you usually do cause muscle twitching muscle weakness and fatigue?

Only if you exceed a quart an hour ... every hour day and night.

What is the medical term meaning twitching of muscle?

Fasciculation is involuntary twitching of skeletal muscle fibers.

What are some proposed causes of skeletal muscle fatigue?

lactate accumulation

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