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Nothing if your daughter is under the age of eighteen then that's when you can do something but if she over eighteen there's noothing you can do just deal with it you can go and visit them and find out what going on but you can force her to come back because she already settled and it sounds like she kind of stubborn but if she's in a bad environment you can try and get custody of your grandson but you can do nothing for your daughter

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What is the relationship between your grandson and your cousin's daughter?

Your first cousin's daughter is first cousin once removed to your grandson, and he to her. Your second cousin's daughter is second cousin once removed to your grandson, and he to her.

What is the relationship name for your daughter-in-law's grandson?

If your daughter-in-law's grandson is a child from a marriage before she married your son, or after their marriage ended, her grandson is not related to you. If he is a child of the marriage between your son and your daughter-in-law, then he is your great grandson.

What would your daughter be to your grandson from another daughter?


What is your mothers grandson in relation to her daughter?

Mother's grandson as regards her daughter is either her (daughter's) son or her (daughter's) nephew.

How do you spell grandson?

That is the correct spelling of the word "grandson" (son of a son or daughter).

Which president's daughter married the grandson of another president?

Richard Nixon's daughter, Julie, married David Eisenhower, who is the grandson of President Eisenhower.

How is your daughter related to your uncle's great great grandson?

Your daughter and your uncle's great great grandson are second cousins, three times removed.

What is the relationship between your daughter and your aunt's grandson?

Your daughter and your aunt's children are first cousins to each other. Your daughter and your aunt's grandson are first cousins, once removed, to each other.

What is Scottish Gaelic for granddaughter and grandson?

In Scottish Gaelic 'grand-daughter' is ban-ogha and 'grandson' is mic-mac.

What is the relationship between your grandson and your brother's daughter?

Aunt and nephew

What is a step grandson?

When your son or daughter marries someone who has children by someone other than your child.A non blood related grandson.

Is your grandson related to your sister's daughter's daughter?

Of course they are related, because they are both descended from your parents. Your grandson and your sister's granddaughter are second cousins

Did Robert Frost have any grandchildren?

He had two granddaughters from his daughter Lesley, a grandson from his son Carol, and a granddaughter from his daughter Marjorie.

How do you spell grand son?

It is one word "grandson" (son of a son or daughter).

What is your relationship to your father's cousin's grandson?

Your father's first cousin's daughter or son is your second cousin. Your father's first cousin's grandson is your second cousin once removed. The parent of that grandson is your second cousin.

What is called son's son?

A person's son's son would be their grandson. Your son's daughter would be your granddaughter. Your grandson's son would be your great grandson.

How are your grandson of your 2nd daughter and your great granddaughter of your 1st daughter related?

Your grandchild through one daughter and your great grandchild through another daughter are second cousins, once removed.

Does Dr Koleilot accept Medicaid?

I have a grandson that may be referred to an allergist. does dr. koleilot office accept a one year old patient

What is your uncle's great grandson to you?

Relationship Sequence:Your uncle is a brother of one of your parentsHis son/daughter is your 1st cousinHis grandson/granddaughter is your 1st cousin once removedHis great grandson is your 1st cousin twice removed

How do you say grandson in Navajo?

That is not a straightforward question to answer, since Navajo kinship terms are extremely complex and unlike those used in English.The element -chai (never used alone) refers both to a grandfather and to a grandson born to a man's daughter:shichai "my grandfather/grandson", bichai"her/his/their grandfather/grandson".

What is the meaning of a Malayalam world makante makan?

grandson (ചെറുമക൯) (opp. grand-daughter=ചെറുമകള്)

How would your dad's grandfather's daughter's grandson be related to you?

Your father's grandfather is your great grandfather. Your great grandfather's daughter could be your father's aunt and your great aunt. The grandson of your great aunt is your second cousin. However, your great grandfather's daughter could also be your father's mother and your grandmother. Then you, one of your brothers, or one of your first cousins, is the grandson in question.

Which president had a daughter who married the grandson of president eienshower?

Richard M. Nixon (Eisenhower's Vice-President)

Who was the first president to have a grandson born in the White House?

Thomas Jefferson's daughter had a baby in the White House .

What son of John Wayne's is the priest?

John Wayne's grandson (his youngest daughter Melinda) is the priest, not his son.