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What steps did Hitler take in order to gain control of Germany?

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The German economy was almost completely destroyed by the end of

World War 1. Hitler became chancellor in 1933 when Von Papen

convinced Hindenburg. He made a rule and if he could get people to

vote for it it would be put into use. The rule was "Hitler can

rule above for four years. There is no need to consult the

Reinchstag." His rule was put into use and he started to make

laws. He banned all other political party's. Also anyone who stood

against him or he saw as a potential threat was put into a

concentration camp. The SA was a group of stormtroopers Hitler

organised to protect him. But some of the members threatened him so

he arranged for them to be killed. This was called "the night of

the long knives." Over 1000 SA members were found dead with

knives in their backs. When president Hindenburg died it gave

Hitler the chance to combine the role of chancellor and president.

He called himself "Der Fuhrer." He made every soldior swear

an oath of loyalty to him. They then had to do everything he told

them to. By swearing the oath of loyalty to him it also meant that

they would betray their country.

By Alex Harvey

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