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Call a local attorney that is familiar with such goings on. Chances are that any one who would buy a car with that type of paperwork wont notice it gone when you repo it..

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Can you be on title but not on the loan?

car is in wifes and my name, she got a title loan unknowingly from the husband. She defaulted, can they take the car from the husband?

How do you get the ex wifes name off of a car title?

She'll need to sign it over to you.

What do you call it when you provide legal services for free?

PRO-Bono Don't ask for a translation, it was on my wifes Lawyers Divorce Papers.

Can a husband sign wifes name to sell a car?

Not if the wife's name is on the title. She is the only one who can sell the car.

What happen if husband dies and owes on his car Wifes name is not on the title?

She would now owe on the car. She inherits everything.

How do you get your new wifes name on your home title and deed?

Have a deed prepared wherein husband signs deed deeding property to him and his wife.

Is the husband responsible for his deceased wifes bills in Georgia?

yes in the united states of America unless he had insurance coverage to pay his bills at time of death.

Can an ex wife sue father of her child for the new wifes house for back child support?

The State can place a lien on the house if the father is on the title.

How do you adopt your wifes daughter?

If the biological father is living, you will probably need his written permission. Then, you file the adoption papers with the court. Use a lawyer to make sure everything is done correctly.

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What is Eric dovers wifes name?

what is eric dovers wifes name?

How many wifes did William Dawes have?

William Dawes had two wifes.

What was Alexander Hamiltons wifes name?

His wifes name was Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton.

How many wifes did Thutmose have?

thutmose had 2 wifes, and they were his daughters, right friend?

Is wifes a plural?

Wifes is not a plural. The correct plural form of wife is wives.

Why did sitting bull have so many wifes?

it is the Indian way to have many wifes

What is Harry Redknapp's wifes name?

Harry Redknapp's wifes name is Sandra.

What is your brothers relationship to your wifes brother technically named?

Well, you are the brother in law to your wife's brother. There is no real title for your brother to her brother, they can be considered extented family members, though.

What is John Travolta wifes name?

Kelly Preston is John Travolta's wifes name.

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