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No court order is needed. If the child leaves, you file a runaway report with the police. A CRO is unlikely to prevent a 17-year-old from leaving the state, but it will allow authorities to take the minor into custody and return them to their parents or legal guardian. Contact the office of the clerk of the family court in the county in which the minor lives or the local office of domestic relations to obtain specific information.

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Texas- if you are the custodial parent of 17 y. o. receive child support from noncustodial parent she then choices on her own to live with noncustodial can the support be flipped?

Yes, it can. Moving in with the other parent is grounds for "flipping" child support payments. However, this must be done by court order.

What is the legal age for moving out in Texas?

The legal age for moving out in Texas is 18.

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In Texas can your parent keep you from moving outat 17?

Yes, their child is 17 and has not reached the age of majority. Until that age the parents are responsible and make the decisions.

What age can a teenager choose what parent to live with in Texas?

In Texas what age does a teenager have to be to choose which parent of a divorce they want to live with

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Legal age in Texas to decide which parent to live with?

what is the legal age for a child in the state of Texas decide which parent they want to live with

Can 17 year old teenagers marry in Texas?

You have to be 18 to get married without Parent Consent and 14 with Parent Consent in Texas.

What are the laws of moving out in Texas?

i think you shouldn't be introuble for moving out of your home in Texas if your17 as long as you have some where to go.

Can one parent take a child out of the state of Texas without the consent of the other parent?


Can a 15-year-old decide to live with their non-custodial father while visting without police involvement in Texas?

Yes. Custody issues are civil affairs and police will not become involved unless a custodial parent has a court order of requisition to have the minor returned to their custody.

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Can a child choose not to go with a noncustodial parent in Texas?

No there is no need for the child to go to Texas.

When is a parent no longer responsible to a teenager in Texas?

when they move out.

Can you marry at 17yrs without parent consent in Texas?


What is Parent legal responsibility for adult child in Texas?

No, they are not.

Can you get married at seventeen with parent consent in Texas?

im from Texas and the anser is most definitely yes!

Child disowns parent paying child support in Texas does parent have to pay child support?


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Can a parent kick a 16 year old out in Texas?

No, the age of consent for being an independent is 17 in Texas.

Can a parent stop a marriage in Texas?

If the child is a minor (under 18yrs.), yes, the marriage can be stopped by a parent. The child can not marry without the consent of a parent/legal guardian or custodial parent.

If custodial parent gets married does the noncustodial parent still have to pay child support Texas?

Yes. The marital status of the custodial parent change does not change the obligation of the noncustodial parent.

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