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you can buy ripsticks at sport shops like rebel, amart all sports and just shops that sell sporty things

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What stores can you buy a Rip Stick in WA Australia?

try department stores like big w, kmart, target they usually have them. :)

Where can you buy a ripstik in Dubai?

Where to buy a rip stick in dubai

Where to buy PSP memory stick?

You can buy a memory stick at walmart or Target and other stores to.

Should you buy a Rip Stick?

Yes they r fun and challenging. I Recommend it.

Is a rip stick a good thing to buy a girl?

Boy of if your girl is a tomboy.

What is better a rip stick or a rip stick air?

I would say a rip stick, they're fun and they help tone your stomach.

How do you extend the rip stick skateboard?

you have to buy another one or you can buy a new middle piece.. which is like 2 pieces... ( the tube and the bar looking thing) idk where you could buy that plus im refering to the wave board.. idk if rip stick has a similar make but i think it would

Where can I buy some non stick cookware?

You can buy non stick cookware at walmart or target. You can also buy them in any home decorative stores, because they sell non stick cookware as well.

How much does a ripstick cost at Walmart?

10$it depends if its a rip stick g or a caster board rip stick the rip stick g cost $60 and the cater board cost $70 or $80

What age do you have to be to ride a rip stick?

you can be any age really to ride a rip stick but i wouldn't recomend a rip stick for about under 6 years old because its hard to ride.hope my information works!

How many calories can you brurn from riding a rip stick?

You can burn about 260 calories in 1 hour by riding a rip stick.

What happens when you buy assets in stick rpg 2?

You get $1,000 or more from the owner, when you go there, so yeah its a rip off

Who invented the rip stick?

We would like to get in touch with the person who invented the rip stick. We are doing a project. Our email is

How do you ride a rip stick?

well, usually when you get a rip stick must listen to the directions on the disk, but you don't have to try to master all of the moves.

What is the best ripstick?

original rip stick

What is National Stick Insect day?

a rip off

What is a skateboard with 2 wheels called?

rip stick

Will a wheel from a skate board work on a rip stick?

A wheel from your skate board may work on a rip stick. It should be an outdoor wheel and needs to be 77mm or smaller.

Which is a better form of exercise biking or rip stick?

Between exercise biking and rip sticking, exercise biking is better because with it, you lose more calories, and it is relatively safer than a rip stick which poses more danger.

Were to buy glowing stick?

Glowing sticks can be purchased at supermarket chain stores (like walmart), camping supply stores and sometimes even big pharmacies carry them

How do you separate the rip-stick?

To separate the ripstik, all you have to do is unscrew both screws by the wheels, then pull it apart

How do you get music on your music library?

many ways. you can rip music from a CD, transfer the files using a USB stick or buy un-owned music from the iTunes online store

What are the release dates for Wiseguy - 1987 The Rip-Off Stick 2-15?

Wiseguy - 1987 The Rip-Off Stick 2-15 was released on: USA: 22 March 1989

Can you rip your ankle?

dont stick it in a meat grinder or a garburator and your good to go

How much is a rip stick?

Well a rip stick costs approximately £60.00, I'm not a big fan of skateboards but i know this because my friend Thomas Johnston loves skateboards and tells me all about them...xx by Sophie xxx