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Well, you can buy them online: This does not answer the question, which I assume would be asked by those who cannot or would prefer not to order online. Birkenstock has a very helpful store locator posted right on its site:

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โˆ™ 2009-03-10 13:01:57
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Q: What stores carry Birkenstock?
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What retail stores that carry Birkenstock shoes?

What retail stores carry Birkenstock sandals? No shopping on line, need to try on. Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy's, and the Walking Company carry Birkenstock shoes.

What stores in Paris sell Birkenstock sandals?

Boutique Birkenstock 16 Rue Sevigne 75004

Where can you find a shop that mends birkenstock shoes?

all shops selling Birkenstock, especially mono brand stores have the possibility to send the shoes to Birkenstock for repair

Where can a Birkenstock Boston Clog be purchased in the UK?

The Birkenstock Boston Clog can be found in most well sorted shoe stores in the UK. The Birkenstock Boston Clog can also be found online at Amazon or Ebay.

What stores in Phoenix Arizona sell Birkenstock sandals? I also saw them at the Anthem Outlet mall.

When did Johann Adam Birkenstock die?

Johann Adam Birkenstock died in 1733.

When was Johann Adam Birkenstock born?

Johann Adam Birkenstock was born in 1687.

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When was Uwe-Karl Birkenstock born?

Uwe-Karl Birkenstock was born in 1989.

What is the difference between Betula Birkenstock and other types of their sandals?

Birkenstocks are the original made with real leather uppers. Betula is an offshoot of Birkenstock started by Christian Birkenstock in 1994 and is a cost effective alternative to the original Birkenstock shoe. The quality of the Betula isn't as comparable to the Birkenstock, but if you want a low cost Birkie style shoe then maybe the Betula line is for you.

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Which retailers carry chef shoes?

There are many retailers that carry chef shoes. Some examples include Chef Uniforms, KM Shoes, Standing Comfort, Chef Wear, Birkenstock and many more.

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What does licensed by Birkenstock mean?

It means that the company Birkenstock issues this brand, like Betula or Papillon. It is by them, but a different design and/or cheaper price.

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Where in Los Angeles can one find Birkenstock sandals?

You can make your way to ventura boulavard sherman oaks in Los Angeles and stop at the store called Birkenstock footprint comfort shoes. This is certainly one store where you can purchase Birkenstock sandals.

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Looking for store in N E Pa that sells Birkenstock?

Live in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area and would like to purchase Birkenstock.