What stores carry vera bradley bags?

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Vera Bradley Stores, Macys
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Who invented the Vera Bradley bags?

The Vera Bradley Bags were invented by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller in 1982. This is a different person now. haha. Vera Bradley bags are made by someone named "Vera Bradley" Also the Vera Bradley bags are super EXPENSTIVE. 108.00 for a Laptop backpack!! That is rediculas. agree ( Full Answer )

Where does vera Bradley live?

The founders of the Vera Bradley company, Barbara Bradley andPatricia Miller, are from Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was founded inthe year 1982.

Where can you get a vera bradley bookbag for cheap?

Your best bet is eBay or mabe a pawn shop. http://cgi.eBay.com/Vera-Bradley-Large-Hipster-Purse-/290564908911?pt=US_CSA_WH_Handbags&hash=item43a704a76f#ht_500wt_1058 ^Good seller of TONS of vera bradley purses and more for cheap! Hope that helped!

When Vera Bradley patterns retire?

They retire after about a year or so unless the pattern sells well. Java Blue has been around for three years and is still not slated for retirement.. They release new patterns four times a year and retire old patterns about four times a year.. You can get good deals on retired patterns on their w ( Full Answer )

Is vera Bradley expensive?

YES!!! I think its worth it, but a lot of others don't. Sometimes the retiring patterns go on sale for 40% off, but I got a small backpack offline and it cost me $58 with the 40% off, origionally $84.

Is vera Bradley a monopoly?

No, there are many companies that make things like Vera Bradley. I've seen them all. Many people like the remakes because they look like vera Bradley and it costs A LOT less than actual vera bradley.

Are there any vera Bradley stores in North Carolina?

According to their main website store locater page, Vera Bradley does NOT have any stores in North Carolina.. http://www.verabradley.com/Site/StoreLocator/VeraBradleyStores.aspx

Where do they sell vera Bradley bags?

They sell them at HallMark stores and online that's the only 2 places I have seen them for new bags you might even be able to get them on amazon, but if you want used you can get them off of craigslist This is another person adding on: Diannes gifts and collectibles, on eBay, amazon, and maceys has ( Full Answer )

Where is the vera Bradley expo?

They hold their annual outlet sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana (the home of Vera Bradley). Here's a link to the info on their website and some other helpful websites: http://www.verabradley.com/content/content.jsp?pageName=outletsale http://porchswingmemories.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/views-from- ( Full Answer )

Do celebrities carry Vera Bradley purses?

Yes ... No ... !Yes and No! . Even though I have no clue of what a Vera Bradley pruse is, i know that all celebraties carry something that is stylish. I'm sure that this kind of purse is stylish. Yes ... No ... !Yes and No! . Even though I have no clue of what a Vera Bradley pr ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy a Vera Bradley purses at?

Perrywinkles . www.verabradley.com . Mori . Paper Affair . eBay . Amazon . Or, you could just Google it, but you would probably get an answer with one of these websites . It also depends on what you want to buy, but these are most of the places I know of

How do you know it is vera Bradley?

There is a Vera Bradley tag in the inside! . Vera Bradley has a particular style, the texture like a quilt. Go to verabradley.com to see 4 urself!

Who owns vera Bradley?

The owners of Vera Bradley are Patricia Miller and Barbara BradleyBaekgaard. The two founded this company in 1982 and it isheadquartered in Indiana.

Does Vera Bradley make bedspreads?

Not at this time, although the company has been expanding it's housewares line. Check http://verabradley.com

How many stores does Vera Bradley have?

Vera Bradley has more than 3,500 retailers nationwide and owns 27 Vera Bradley stores across the country. Now They are opening more retail stores arose due to sales growth at Vera Bradley's stores.

Are Vera Bradley bags popular in America?

Vera Bradley bags are EXTREMELY popular in America. Girls and women of all ages are attracted to their beautiful, colorful, patterns. All of the different styles and patterns are located on this page: http://www.verabradley.com/

How much are vera bradley lunch bags?

The Vera Bradley lunch bags are from $16.80-$28.00. The prices are not the same because there are cloths cheaper than others like retired cloths are always cheaper then NEW ones!!! Although there is also a Mini Cooler and a normal Cooler the Mini Cooler costs $12.99-$25.00 + I think buying a Mini wo ( Full Answer )

Where can you find vera bradley bags in St. Louis?

There is a vera bradley store in the galleria!! Also, there are quite a few hallmark stores in the area that sell vera. Lots of other small boutiques in the area sell vera as well. Look on verabradley.com for a store locator!

What stores carry canvas messenger bags?

Eco Friendly Canvas Messenger Bag made with highest quality canvas material. This Canvas Bag can be customised to your specifications, style, size, shape, colour and logo. In the store of the website http:www.ecobagswholesale.com/canvas-bags. In this site you can see the canvas bags information in d ( Full Answer )

Are vera Bradleys good?

Vera Bradley's are awesome I have 20 bags in a variety of patternsI love Vera Bradley's. If you wanna find some deals, i recommend using ebay, amazon, oryahoo!! and google!

Who created Vera Bradley?

The company was founded in March 1982 by Patricia Polito Miller and Barbara Bradley Baekgaard, a 1962 graduate of Marymount College. Named afterBaekgaard's mother the company got its start when both were inspired while awaiting a flight in Atlanta, where they noticed a "definite lack of feminine- ( Full Answer )

How much are vera Bradley bags?

Vera Bradley bags are a little pricey but hey there in style! If you mean the back packs they are $84 and up.

Does tj maxx have Vera Bradley?

i have never seen vera bradley in T. J. Maxx but i would suggesting look every week because some weeks they will have different things than other weeks. I would also suggest seeing of there is a vera bradley outlet anywhere near you. i know that they sell them cheaper there and they would have a ver ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy Vera Bradley on sale?

Ebay is always a good place to look for cheap, specific items. Another good idea would be to look for a store like "Plato's Closet" who specialize in selling second hand designer fashion.

Does Vera Bradley publish a catalog?

Vera Bradley has a number of different store locations as well as a collection listing on the company website. The two in combination function as well as, or better than, the standard catalog, which apparently is published.

What stores sell Vera Bradley products online?

There are a number of stores that sell Vera Bradly products online such as, Vera bradly, Amazon.com, polyvor.com, and zapos.com. Almost any kind of online shopping store has Vera Bradly. In my opinion Amazon or Vera Bradly would be the top two places to go.

Can you buy Vera Bradley online?

You can buy vera bradley online at their official website. You can also purchase it on craigslist and at amazon. Another pace to purchase it would be on ebay.

Are Vera Bradley bags sturdy?

They're well made and structured bags. The material and the quilt like pattern are of good quality and it's hard to wear them out, even with their cloth-like material. If I were you, I'd go to a nearby Vera Bradley and check out the bags. If you have to order online, I wouldn't be worried. They are ( Full Answer )

Are Vera Bradley bags available on eBay?

Yes, Vera Bradley bags are available on eBay. They range from $120 for a small handbag to up to $600 for the larger and newer ones. The cheaper ones are from the previous year's collection.

What department stores carry Vera Bradley purses?

There are Vera Bradley stores which sell their purses. Also there are Vera Bradley outlet stores. Other than that, most of the physical stores that sell their purses are small independent boutiques.

What are some stores for vera bradley bags in Canada?

Vera Bradley is available at many locations in Canada. Serendipity, Neat Stuff, and Lambton Golf and Country Club in Ontario are a few. If you're looking in the greater British Columbia area you can find them at Exposure or The Butchart Gardens

Are there any stores like vera Bradley?

Lilly Pulitzer is a more expensive designer similar to Vera Bradley. Lilly mainly designs clothing, but there are a few accessories as well!

Where can one buy a Vera Bradley diaper bag?

Vera Bradley baby bags can be purchased on Amazon online. If there is a store called Baby Factory in the area, they also stock these diaper bags in store.

Where can one find a Vera Bradley bag?

The official Vera Bradley website carries them. Alternatively, one could also try Dillards, Zappos, Amazon, and even Barnes & Noble as all of them also sell Vera Bradley bags.

What is the cost for a Vera Bradley Java Blue bag?

The Java Blue color of Vera Bradley bags is currently retired and can only be found on websites like Ebay or Amazon as previously used items. New versions of Vera Bradley bags in other colors can be found on their website with prices ranging from $20-$130.

Does Vera Bradley have ladies laptop bags?

Vera Bradley laptop bags, you have a full range of 12inch to 17inch, bags, prices ranging from £59.00 to £228.99, from your low key casual to your hippy chick styles for woman of all ages.

Where can one purchase a vera bradley messenger bag?

You can purchase a Vera Bradley Messenger bag directly on the Vera Bradley website and various other websites such as Ebay or Amazon. If you look on the Vera Bradley site you can do a search for local stores carrying the bags.

What is the cost for a Vera Bradley duffel bag?

Vera Bradley is known for her bright multicolored travel bags. She designs two duffel bags a large one and a small one. The large one costs between $95 and $100. The small one costs between $65 and $70.

Where are Vera Bradley diaper bags sold?

These diaper bags are often found on places like QVC home shopping network. Zappos also advertises them and of course they can be found on Amazon or eBay.