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who ever wrote this are u in Hansens class

Im not the one who wrote the previous answer but I'll answer the question. The tactics were infantry attacks followed up by air bombing raids hope it helped. Also whoever did write the previous answer I bet you go to the KJH since Hansen is a teacher there

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Q: What strategies were used in battle during the Korean War?
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What was the main us battle rifle used during the Korean war?

The M1 Garand rifle - same as WW II.

What kinds of strategies were used during the battle of the Somme?

That battle was in WW1 in France. The battle consisted of an offensive by the British and French armies against the German Army, which, since invading France in August 1914, had occupied large areas of that country.

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The helicopter.

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The main kinds of medicine used during the Korean war were pain killers and antibiotics. A lot of other over-the-counter medications were also used.

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Although helicopters had been invented prior to the Korean War; helicopters were widely used for the first time during the Korean War.

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Not during the Korean war...

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The Korean war was the first time Vertical Envelopment was used, or the use of helicopters to assist troops in battle.

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