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Q: What streets from the monopoly board existed in 1300?
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What monopoly did italy have in the 1300?

In 1300 Italy was not yet a state , but a myriad of independent feudal seignories, city states, maritime republics, the States of the Church and states subject to foreign monarchies. Therefore Italy as a whole had no monopoly. The Maritime Republics of Genoa, Venice, Pisa had the monopoly of the maritime routes to the Mediterranean Eastern States, that means they had also the monopoly of the spice trade.

What is the definition of Rodinia?

Rodinia is a supercontinent that existed between 1300 - 600 million years ago.

What is the difference between Pangea and Rodinia?

Rodinia is a supercontinent that existed between 1300 - 600 million years ago. Pangea is a supercontinent that existed between 360 - 245 million years ago.

What time period did witchcraft start?

I am pretty sure it existed in the 1300-1700's. Just approximate. But if you have a report to do about witchcraft, I suggest you do not put my answer.

What is Rodinia?

Rodinia is a supercontinent that existed in the late Proterozoic, from about 1300 million years ago to it's breakup 600 million years ago.

What number comes after 1299?

1300 if you're counting up.

What is India's ancient civilzations?

one of the oldest civilizations in India are the Indus valley civilization which subsists the Harrappan civilization that existed during 3300--1300 B.C.E.

When was the first game station made?

1300 b.c., It's a wood board with pieces made of rock found in Israel.

Is there any buyer for Russian plates It is a 1300 dollar set?

You cannot advertise on WikiAnswers. It is not a bulletin board or a swap meet.

What you know about Indus valley civilization?

The Indus Valley civilization existed in Pakistan and North India from 3300 BC to 1300 BC.

Who published Snow White story book?

It is hard to say Snow White existed long before Disney about in the 1300 the authors are solely known as the brother grins

What is 1260 rounded to nearest hundred?

It is 1300 when rounded to the nearest hundred

Where did the word snow come from?

The word "snow" is from Old English, similar to the German schnee. It has existed since the year 1300. Please see the Related Link below.

What is the value of -(-1300)?


What is 3 percent of 1300?

3% of 1300 = 1300*3/100 = 39

What is 1250 rounded to the nearest hundred?

It rounds to 1,300

What Year was Robin Hood born?

The Sloane manuscript of 1600 claimed that Robin Hood was born in 1160. It is not known for sure when Robin Hood was born, if he really existed. There is some record of a Robyn Hood in the early 1300's, but similar records of Hoods have existed throughout history.

How do you find 25 percent of 1300?

25% of 1300 = 1300*25/100 = 325

What douse 1300 ad mean?

a.d. 1300 means in the year of our Lord 1300.

Is 1300 even or odd?

1300 is even.

What century is 1300 AD?

The year 1300, as with any year between 1201 and 1300, is in the thirteenth century.

What is 4 of 1300?

4 x 1300 = 5200 4% x 1300 = 52

What is 70 percent of 1300?

70% of 1300= 70% * 1300= 0.7 * 1300= 910

What is 15 percent of 1300?

15% of 1300= 15% * 1300= 0.15 * 1300= 195

What is the factor tree of 1300?

1300=13*100 1300=13*4*25 1300=13*2*2*5*5