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What houses the vocal cords?

The vocal cords are found in the larynx

Houses the vocal cords?


Where are the vocal chords located?

The larynx houses the vocal cords.

What is the structure where the vocal cords are attached?


What connects the pharynx to the trachea and houses the vocal cords?

The larrynx

What located between the pharynx and the trachea and houses vocal cords?


What is the name of the structure immediately below the vocal cords?

the trachea

What structure vibrates to make noise in the throat?

The vocal cords

Which structure produces speech?

The true vocal cords in the larynx

What structure is equipped with vocal cords to produce speech?


Do frogs have vocal cords?

Yes, frogs do have vocal cords. If they made no sound, they would have no vocal cords. If they make a sound, they have vocal cords.

What is the name of the structure that contains the vocal cords and is called the voicebox?

the larynx

What is the structure of the larynx and how the vocal cords are used to make noise?


What contains the vocal cords?

The larynx has two folds, the upper vestibular folds (false vocal cords) and the lower vocal cords (true vocal cords).

Where are the vocal cords located?

the vocal cords are in the larynx

Why do you have vocal cords?

you have vocal cords to produce your voice

What is the structure in humans that contains the vocal cords and vibrates to produce sounds?

it is the larynx.

Complex cartilaginous structure that surrounds and protects the glottis and vocal cords?


What do vocal cords do to your throat?

Vocal cords help you talk.

What is the scientific name for vocal cords?

Vocal cords

Which pair are the true vocal cords?

The lower vocal folds are the true vocal cords.

Does the Larynx contains vocal cords?

yes the larynx contain 2 types of vocal cords 1st: true vocal cords ( for ur question ) 2nd: False valse vocal cords

What is difference between male and female vocal cords?

The female vocal cords are thinner and shorter than the male vocal cords

How many vocal cords does a dog have?

dogs have 30 vocal cords

Does the epiglottis protect the vocal cords?

The Epiglottis is not protecting our vocal cords