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Mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) are found in bacteria and animal cells. They are not found in plant cells. Plant cells have chloroplasts.

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Is the ribosome a plant structure or animal structure?

Ribosomes are found in both plant and animal cells. They are responsible for the creation of proteins. Ribosomes are also found in other eukaryotic cells, as well as bacteria and archaea. The ribosomes found in bacteria and archaea are very different from those found in eukaryotic cells.

What are two cell structure groups?

The two cell structure groups are Prokaryote cells(In bacteria and fungi) and Eukaryote cells(found in animal cells)

What cell structure found in plant and bacterial cells but not animal cells called?

a cell wall is only found in plants and bacteria. Chloroplasts are only found in cells

What is one structure found in animal cells that is not found in plant cells?

Animal cells have lysosomes and plants cells do not.

Is mitochondria found in a plant or animal cell or bacteria?

It is found in both plant and animal cells but not bacteria.

What structure is common to both plant and bacteria cells but is not found in animal cells?

The cell wall, though the materials making up this cell wall are different in plants and bacteria.

Which structure is not found in animal cells?

Animal cells do NOT contain chloroplasts or cell walls.

What structure is found in all plant and animal cells but not bacteria and virus?

Plant and animal cells, being eukaryotic cells, have nuclei. These are not present in bacteria since they are prokaryotic (before-yolk, i.e. before-nucleus) cells by definition. Viruses also do not have nuclei since they are acellular in nature.

What vital substance do bacteria cells still have that's found inside the nucleus of plant and animal cells?

DNA is vital to all life and found in the nucleus of plant and animal cells and the cytoplasm of bacteria.

Is a nucleus found in plant animal or bacteria cells?

Plant and animal cells have a nucleus. Eukaryotic cells have a nucleus but most bacteria, that aren't eukaryotic, don't have a nucleus.

What is a structure found in plant and bacterial cells but not in animal cells?

Both plant and bacterial cells have a cell wall, but animal cells do not.

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