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At primary school, Children learn French (writing, spelling, reading, grammar), Mathematics, geography, history, some physic/ biology, sport. Then start the college at 11. All same learning plus additional 1 foreign language ( German/English/Spanish), physic, chemistry, biology, economic and social and as optional dead language ( Grec/Latin). After 2 years you will have a 2nd foreign language and up to 3 options. If you follow a general option, you will go to the Lycee at 16 for 3 years. They will be the same teaching but more improve. The last year, as you will have had a French examen in the end of the 2nd year in Lycee, French will be replace by Philosophy.
This is only the program for general option. You can also follow some way which are more technical.
All of this will have a final exam: BACCALAUREAT
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How do you learn French?

You learn French by finding the learning tool that works best for you . You may or may not need a teacher, depending upon the strength of your motivation and the quality of your learning tool. Some learners need concentrated study of dictionaries, grammars, and vocabulary lists. Such learners tend t ( Full Answer )

How to learn French?

The best, fastest, most effective, easiest, and most fun way to learn any language is to immerse yourself. Go to an immersion camp, study abroad, or live in a country that speaks the language. You'd be surprised at how quickly you learn if you focus on your goal and soak up the culture and language ( Full Answer )

What is the subject that you learn to become a doctor?

You must know how people's bodies work & learn science but it depends on what kind of a doctor you want to become.. Answer . You would have to study things like biology, anatomy, science, physiology. In high school, just brush up on science and related subjects, to prepare for becoming a doctor ( Full Answer )

French word for the subjects?

for Like Its : J'aime For Love Its : J'adore For Dislike Its : Je Nai Pas For Hate Its : Deteste You Say One Of The Above Then Le Mathes ( or what ever subject you pick )

What subjects do French schools learn?

French schools teach subjects like french, English, German, mathematics, social sciences, and geography. They also teach subjects like physical education.

Why does French have to be learned?

No one has to learn French unless it's a prerequisite or requirement . For example, it may be a required subject in school or at college. It may be the only language that's offered at an educational institution that has a foreign language requirement for certification or graduation. Or it may be ( Full Answer )

How do you write school subjects in French?

French: Le français English: l'anglais / Spanish: l'espagnol / German: l'allemand) geography: la géographie history: l'histoire math: Les mathématiques (Les maths) P.E.: l'éducation physique et sportive (EPS)?/Le sport Biology: la biologie chemistry: la chimie physics: la ( Full Answer )

What is the word subjects in French?

A subject is "un sujet" in French. Ex: French revolution is an history subject = la révolution française est un sujet d'histoire (l'histoire est une "matière" à l'école) Ex: Les sujets du roi étaient en majorité des paysans = the king's subjects were mostly peasants

What subjects do children learn in Egypt?

Egyptian children were taught to become scribes if that's what they studied. If you weren't studying to become a scribe you would have went with a person who was working as what you wanted to work as.. In modern Egypt, children learn almost the same subjects taught in Western Countries. Students in ( Full Answer )

Why is french an important subject?

It is very important to learn French because next to English it is one of the most common languages in the world, I thinks it's something like 180 countries speak French.

What is 'I am learning French' in French?

J'apprends le francais is a French equivalent of 'I am learning French'. In the word by word translation, the subject pronoun 'je' * means 'I'. The verb 'apprends' means '[I] am learning, do learn, learn'. The masculine definite article 'le' means 'the'. The masculine adjective/noun 'francais ( Full Answer )

Why is history studied and why do we learn this subject?

An old adage says, " there's nothing new under the sun. " George Orwell, in his frightening classic anti-utopian 1984, opens the book with the quote, " those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it ." In truth, while the fields of science and technology advance to heights that wer ( Full Answer )

What subjects do they learn in Ireland?

The core ones are Irish, English, Maths and one more Europeanlanguage. On top of this there are several other options, such asFrench, German, Spanish, Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical drawing,Classical studies, Business Studies, Computers, Economics,Accountancy, History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, ( Full Answer )

What is 'You're learning French' in French?

"Vous apprenez le français" or "Tu apprends le français". About the difference between "vous" and "tu" : "je" -> "I" "tu" -> "you" "il" -> "he" "elle" -> "she" "nous" -> "we" "vous" -> "you" "ils" -> "they"

What subjects did the Romans learn about at school?

simple arithmetic . literature . debating . philosophy . science However, ordinary citizens didn't learn many of these things. Only the ones with a lot of money and the desire for their children to have an education continued through the different levels of schooling.

What subjects do French students learn?

Students in France have the same subjects in school as students in the UK or USA, with the exception that their literature class is a French literature class as opposed to an English literature class. French students take: French, History & Geography, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Art Courses, ( Full Answer )

Where to learn French?

u can download podcasts on iTunes completely free of charge!! Something that helps a lot is watching movies you know by heart, preferably movies with a lot of dialogue, dubbed in French. Since you know the movie so well, it is easy to understand the language. Children movies, such as Shrek, ( Full Answer )

What are the french subjects?

If you mean people, there is no such thing. France being a democracy people are citizens, only people with royalty are subjects (English, Belgian ....)

What subjects do Africans learn?

This question is too vague. Do you mean African Americans or Africans living in Africa ? If you mean the latter, then your question is too general. If you clarify your question it would be better to answer. Suggestions: Where? (college, high school e.t.c) What country? Or maybe it's in a book?

What are french translation for subjects in school?

subjects = les matières scolaires, les matières étudiées à l'école les matières étudiées à l'école : l'histoire et la géographie, le français, l'anglais, les mathématiques ("les math") les arts plastiques

What subjects do french kids have?

In Collège, they have - Français, Mathématiques, Histoire, Sciences Physiques, Géographie, Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre, Education Civique, Anglais, E.P.S. (Education Physique et Sportive), Technologie, Espagnol, Latin-Grec, Musique, and for pupils with learning difficulties there's ( Full Answer )

Why do kids have to learn?

to get an education so your not homeless and living on the streets holding a plastic bag out saying "can i have some money? im very poor" unless your planing on being a singer which would require you to have a amazing singing voice,you have to go to school

What subjects do French schools have?

We have, FRENCH- English or Spanish or German, music, history, geography , civics, plastic art, math, PE, chemistry, life science, technology .....

What are some school subjects in french?

In French, some basic school subjects are: le français - French l'anglais - English l'EPS - PE / Sport le sport - PE/Sport la géographie - Geography l'histoire - History science - Science la biologie -Biology la phisique - Physics l'espagnol - Spanish ( Full Answer )

What subjects do they teach Australian kids?

In Australia they teach the basic subjects to primary school children - English, Maths, Science, PDHPE (Personal Development, Health & Physical Education), Art, Music, HSIE At high schools there is a wider range of subjects, including - English, Maths, Science, PDHPE, Languages, Art, Music, Technol ( Full Answer )

What subjects do Indian children learn?

Indian children learn the same subjects as children everywhere, except for the fact that the vast majority learn in their native language (e.g. Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, etc.), as well as in English.

What subjects should i learn to be a scientist?

Science subjects. Mathematics subjects also help, because science makes use of mathematics. Particular kinds of science are physics, chemistry, biology etc. What are often called the "social sciences" include sociology, psychology, etc. There's also medicine. To be a scientist you don't need to do a ( Full Answer )

What subjects do you learn in RE?

racisum,peace and harmony, war, poverty, different beliefs, crime and punishment, suicide, enviroment, creed, inspiration, martin Luther king etc

What subject do children in Spain have to learn?

Religion- catechetical instruction- with a heavy Patriotic emphasis- making big heroes of , say, General Franco- is a mandatory school subject in Spain. It is taught in all classes. also Prayers open and close all classes and assemblies- as one might guess, variations on the Hail Mary are widely use ( Full Answer )

Is french the best subject in school?

It depends on what you want to be in the future, in my opinion its an awesome class that can sometimes be a pain in the butt; because it's hard. But it's always important and handy to have learnt at least alittle bit of another language. :)

Why is Math such an important subject to learn?

Math helps you with many life situations. You might not understand some of the things you learn when you are younger and how it will help you in life but it is all preparation for the bigger situations

Is learning Japanese a good subject?

Generally speaking, there is a close and clear link between culture and language ; and also CUISINE doubtless reflects CULTURE. As such, if you want to enjoy the RICH Japanese culture and therefore cuisine , you will need to learn Japanese.

What is the understood subject pronoun for kids?

The subject that is understood is usually the pronoun 'you'. Sentences using an understood subject are exclamatory or imperative sentences. For example: Run! is really saying, You run! Help! is really saying, You help! Clean your room! is really saying, You clean your room! Watch your step. is ( Full Answer )

How do you kid in french?

'Kid' is "enfant". If you're asking how you joke, it's pretty similar to in English.

What subjects do the children in Chile learn?

Math . Spanish . History and Geography . Biology . Chemistry . Physics . Music . Visual Arts . Technology Education . Physical education . Religion . English

How do French kids learn French in French schools?

French kids learn to speak French by ear at home, just as we learn to speak our native language from our family and friends, from early childhood. But just as in any language, there are certain things you can't learn entirely by ear. In French, the spelling and grammar require a lot of study and pra ( Full Answer )

What are subjects learned in primary schools?

Science(General not specific to biology, chemistry and physics) Maths P.e English lit and language I.T(in some schools) Dt-Design Tech(in some schools)

How do you learn theory subjects?

by applying it in real life. citing situations. and by memorizing it, and by connecting it to the past lessons.

What subjects is needed to learn in schools?

The subjects needed to learn in school are Math,Science,and Civics or History because they are the subjects that means everywhere.Math teach us the numbers of everywhere.Science teach us nature or anything.Civics or History teach us about our country or your country.So improve your skills by reading ( Full Answer )

What subjects can French students choose?

Students in France have the same subjects in school as students in the UK or USA, with the exception that their literature class is a French literature class as opposed to an English literature class. French students take: French, History & Geography, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Art Courses, ( Full Answer )

What subject should we take to learn it?

You should take any subject that you want to learn! You can even learn about things without taking a class - there are thousands of different books, DVD's, and computer software that can teach you all sorts of things you are interested in learning.

What are the subjects you learn in grade 7?

you can learn math, science, english, history, P.E., and any various electives including music, art, second language, photography, literature, etc.

What subjects do Mexican kids learn in school?

Most Mexican primary and secondary schools (grades 1-9) have thesame subjects taught on American schools: . Mathematics . Spanish (as opposed to English in the United States) . Civics . History . Physical education (gymnastics) . Biology . Geography . Some schools include other subject ma ( Full Answer )