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when acid reacts with a alkali we get a salt and water

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A salt and water. E.g. hydrochloric acid + sodium hydroxide -> sodium chloride + water

Elements that can react with acid and alkali are called amphoteric eg. Zn, Al, etc.

When an acid and a base or an alkali react they form corresponding salt and water.

HCl is Hydrochloric acid, it is formed with the combination of Hydrogen and Chlorine gases. It will react with nearly all alkali/bases as it is a strong acid.

Yes I believe it does.

They react to form salt and water .

Stomach acid oviasly cantains acid so when acid and alkali are mixed neutralasation happens.

No. Acid + alkali reactions are neutralisation reactions. Combustion is a reaction with oxygen.

And acid plus an alkali produces water and a salt.

Acid and alkali would neutralize alkali and acid respectively.

Depending on the alkali and acid used, a salt and water will be formed.

When an acid and an alkali is combined, salt and water is formed, because the acid and the alkali neutralises each other to leave salt and water only.

The products are a salt and water.

when an acid reacts with an alkali(soluble base) salt and water are formed equation:- NaOH+HCL----->NaCL+h2O

An Alkali is also a base. So, when reacted with an acid forms a salt and water as products

Neither. Potassium is a metal. It will react with water to produce potassium hydroxide, which is an alkali.

Precipitation- an insoluble solid is formed when two solutions are mixed Thermal decomposition- heat is used to break up a compound into simpler substances Neutralisation- an acid and an alkali react to produce a salt

Acid and alkali react to form water.

If they react until neutral then the pH will be 7. However, if there is an excess of acid the pH will be <7 and vice versa.

essentially, acid particles can be stated as H+ in the same way, alkali particles can be described as OH- in the reaction between acid and alkali, the example is: H+ + OH- --> H2O in another example, ethanoic acid can react with sodium hydroxide to form the same product: CH3COOH + NaOH <===> CH3COONa + H2O

when alkali which can also be called a base reacts with an acid, a salt is usually form plus water. it is called a neutralization reaction.

When an acid and a metal react, a salt + water is formed.

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