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The elements are Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Chlorine. The compounds are Water and Sodium Chloride (salt).

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Q: What substances are in salt water?
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Related questions

Why do substances float on salt water?

Substances that float float better in salt water then in fresh water because salt water is more dense as a result of the salt that is dissolves in the water.

What substances can be separated into simpler substances only by chemical means sodium salt water water water or gold?

salt water

Will freezing a mixture of salt and water separate the two substances?

When a mixture of salt and water freeze, the two substances will not separate. The mixture will just become frozen salt water.

What substances can be separated by chemical means salt water water gold?

salt water

How can you identify that the given substances is salt or water?

salt is a solid but water is a liquid

Does a solution contain two dissolved substances?

You need at least two substances to make a solution, but you only need to dissolve one of them. A solution of salt water has two substances (salt and water) but only the salt is dissolved.

What is soluble and insoluble substances?

Soluble substances: table salt in water, sugar in water, potassium carbonate in water, etc.Insoluble substances: table salt in acetone, silver in ethanol, barium sulfate in water.

Is salt water a pure substances or a mixtures?

Salt water is a type of homogeneous mixture known as a solution. It contains two different pure substances, water and sodium chloride. Because these substances are not bonded together (they are only held together by intermolecular forces), salt water is a mixture.

What molecules are in salt water?

Polarity is the molecules that are in salt water. This is a ironically bonded substances.

Is a salt water a pure substances?

no, it's a mixture. Salt is a pure substance, as is water, but together they are a mixture.

When salt and water are this a new substance?

Yes - in that the water is no longer pure... No - in that the salt can be reclaimed from the water by evaporation. The salt and the water are separate substances. The salt is said to be 'in suspension'.

What substances are pure substances water tea salt water copper brass air oxygen?

Water, copper, and oxygen are pure substances. The others are mixtures.

Is salt in the ocean considered a solvent?

No. Substances dissolved in water are solutes. Salt is dissolved in water and is a solute. The water is the solvent. Together, the salt and the water are a solution.

What substances can be separated into simpler substances only be chemical means?

Salt water

What substances are miscible In water?

Salt and sugar are miscible in water.

What substances can be dissolved in ocean water?


What substances are contained in ocean water?


Substances that can dissolve in water?

sugar, salt

What other substances is soluble in water?


Is salt water a substances or mixture?

A solution.

What are the procedures of how does salt affect the freezing point of water?

The salt contains lots of substances which makes it a homogeneous mixture, which means that the substances are so evenly mixed you can't see the different parts in the salt. When water freezes, the substances inside the salt interact with the molecules that use energy to turn water into a solid, or ice. Try experimenting it! Hope this helps!

What two substances dissolve in water?

Salt and Sugar dissolve in water.

Why do substances dissolve less in salt water than in fresh water?

because the interparticle spaces were filled by salt

Is salt dissolved water in a chemical change?

Salt dissolving in water is a physical change. No new substances are formed.

Which of the suggested test substances is soluble in water - sand - salt - sugar?

salt and sugar