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Increased pressure and or temperature.

This can be caused by trauma, tumors, increased intracranial pressure, among other things.

Diuresis is increased urination caused by certain substances in the tubes of the kidneys. A common cause of diuresis is diabetes.

Hemorrhoids are not sexually trnasmitted. THey are not caused by a germ that is spread by sex. They are caused by increased pressure in the veins aroud the anus.

Diverticulitis is caused by increased intra luminal pressure in the bowels so yes, it can cause diverticulitis by increasing the pressure in the bowel.

because fever effect hypothalamus that control fever in the brain

It can be caused by age. Many men suffer from a condition called BPH. It can also be caused by a bladder infection.

Light and sound sensitivity during Migraine is caused by the neurological processes of the attack. Increased pressure is not related to Migraine and in fact is another headache disorder called Intracranial Hypertension._____________________________________________Increased pressureBlood vessels are expandig and increasing intracranial pressure which affects certain cranial nerves which leads to pain and increased light/sound sensitivity.

High blood pressure can be caused by stress.

Pressure was what caused it erupt. Magma was leaking through a weak spot in the Earth's crust, and a huge slab of rock was blocking it from coming out. Pressure increased, and finally it exploded. I don't know what article you're talking about

A bloated can means that after sealing, the pressure inside the can increased. This is only caused by a contaminant in the can, either a bacteria or a mold.

When increased pressure causes trade wind to lessen, El Nino is formed. El Nino is caused by high air pressure in the South Pacific that causes trade winds to die out. This causes the waters to warm up, which causes more rain in Latin America.

Air pressure is caused by the unequal heating of earth's surface.

air pressure is caused by gas particles hitting a surface.

air pressure is caused by the constant motion of air molecules

Enlarged chambers in the brain containing cerebrospinal fluid is called ventriculomegaly. If caused by increased CSF or increased CSF pressure, it is called hydrocephalus.They are called as ventricles. You have two lateral ventricles, one third ventricle and one forth ventricle.

An inflamed cervix is often called dysplagia which is caused from infection or from repeatedly being hit by the penis during intercourse. Treatments include vaginal creams by prescription, or cryrosurgery if severe.

the pressure in the atmoshere caused by gravity

One can have many physical symptoms caused by allergies, including congestion, itchy eyes and inflamed skin. Nausea and breathing difficulties are also symptoms caused by allergies.

Chronic bronchitis is often caused by smoking. Smoking causes the bronchial tubes to become inflamed and mucus production to increase.

It is caused by the inflammation in the joints. The more inflamed the joints are, the stiffer and more painful they become.

It is caused by the rotation of the earth and differences in air pressure

it is caused by passive pressure beneath earths surface

Its caused ok differences in air pressure

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