What sunglasses does Charlie Crews wear in the TV show life?

These glasses are Persol model 2747S. Excellent sunglasses, polarized with anti-reflective coating.

I also went to the Pilot also and I think the glasses are #2763S Persols


I have watched online again the first episode, "Pilot", and the first scene of Crews in present day is of him looking up into the sun. It is a closeup of his face wearing sunglasses. The sunglasses are Persol, looks like something in the 2700 series, similar to what Persol is marketing as the "Casino Royale" James Bond sunglasses. However, I am not sure of the exact model. I would appreciate if anyone has further narrowed down the specific pair of sunglasses.

I just found a site that says they are Persol's, and they are model #2763.

Thought you might like to know.