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What are the features of a dbms

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A Supreme Court justice who believes strongly in judicial activism would most likely agree with which statement

box 1 is empty .... which statement best completes the diagram related to the supreme court's procedures

a lawyer who is interested in understanding why most justices ruled in a particular way in a supreme court case should consult the case's

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Q: What supreme court case allowed internment camps to happen?
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Which wartime policy was upheld toward Japanese Americans by the Supreme Court?

Confinement in internment camps

How many Japanese internment camps were there?

there are 39 diffrent Japanese internment camps

Where were most of the internment camps on?

See website: Japanese-American internment camps.

What was Japanese internment camps like?

See Japanese American internment camps.

How do relocation camps and internment camps differ?

They really were much different Relocation Camps and Internment camps were the same thing just that relocation camps were the real camps and internment camps were where the Japanese Americans had to go before they made the relocation camps.

How big are Japanese internment camps?

See website: Japanese-American internment camps.

Were US internment camps forced?

Yes, all internment camps are forced incarceration.

Was the Japanese happy about the internment camps?

No, the Japanese- Americans were not happy about the internment camps in WW2.

How did the Japanese escape the Internment camps?

See website: Japanese-American internment camps.

Was there kids that was killed or died in internment camps?

Yes, children were killed in internment camps.

What was the US Supreme Court case Korematsu v US about?

This was a case determining the constitutionality of putting Japanese Americans into "relocation" camps or internment camps. The Supreme Court decided that internment camps were constitutional because of military urgency, and that protection from espionage far outweighed Korematsu's (and thus all Japanese American's) individual rights.

Where were Japanese internment camps located?

Japanese internment camps were located all over the U.S.

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