What symbol is how many in math?


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The answer is an equal sign =


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A capital A is usually used as a symbol for area in math.

Answer: = The symbol for Similarity is the Tilde, ~. It is NOT the equal symbol, =.

The pi symbol is actually a letter of the greek alphabet. Many math symbols are letters of the greek alphabet.

a variable expression in math is a symbol that is in a sentence

The mathematical symbol for "undefined" is the infinity symbol.

The inequality symbol for less than or equal to: ≤

The plus symbol, "+", is used to indicate an addition.

What is a Variable in Math?A variable in math is part of algebra and it is a symbol or letter that represents a number.

The symbol for about in math is this ~ , for example if an answer is 6,00428535578 you might write ~6

"-6 and 6" is not a symbol!

is one symbol already an expression in math

the symbol for No fewer then is > because this symbol means that it can both be greater then and equal to.

The symbol is three vertical lines next to each other the symbol above is the symbol for approximately equal to.Wrong, the correct symbol is ~

^ means, "to the exponent of"

there is no symbol, you just say angle A is adjacent to angle B

you joust press shift and the symbol of what you want example a percent symbol %

The Decrescendo or Diminuendo symbol is like the Crescendo symbol, but reversed. It looks like the "bigger than" sign in math (>).

The symbol is two parallel, vertical lines. I don't believe that it is directly related to the equal symbol; although it is possible that the vertical position was chosen precisely to avoid confusion.

In math a letter is a variable and it can be any number.

The upside down horseshoe symbol is of Greek origin and is used to calculate many different types of problems. The symbol expresses the unlucky nature of the problem at hand.

There is no symbol for intersecting lines.Other symbols incude:perpendicular ⊥parallel

It's the equals sign with the ~ above it. ≅

it is a symbol that stands for a number(mabe)

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