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The silver fern appears on their uniforms.

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Q: What symbol of New Zealand appears on the uniforms of the New Zealand national football team?
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What is the official national flower of New Zealand?

New Zealand does not officially have a national flower. However the Kowhai (Sophora microphylla) is considered by many to be the national flower of New Zealand. A small to medium sized tree, it blooms in spring, covering itself with yellow flowers, turning gardens to gold.It doesn't take an act of Parliament or any sort of government decree to declare a national flower; it just takes the population to decide. So some regard another flower: that of the Pohutukawa, a North Island coastal tree with brilliant red blooms, as their national flower. New Zealand recognizes the silver fern, which appears on their military uniforms and many sports uniforms, as a national symbol.We don't have an officially accepted national flower, but if there were one, it would probably be the kowhai, a sulphur-yellow pendulous bloom on an evergreen tree.

Symbol of New Zealand?

New Zealand's national symbol is mainly the Kiwi, which is a native and rare New Zealand Bird. In sport terms, New Zealands symbol is the Silver Fern, which appears on the Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey etc. logo

Who appears on the New Zealand 10 banknote?

Kate Sheppard.

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What bird is featured on the New Zealand Two Dollar coin?

The Kotuku, or White Heron, appears on most New Zealand Two Dollar coins. The Kingfisher appears on the 1993 Two Dollar coin.

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Why is the Union Jack on the New Zealand Flag?

The Union Jack appears on the New Zealand flag because in 1841 New Zealand became a British colony and the union flag is symbolic of this fact.because its the same time and the same Queen xxx

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Queen Elizabeth II is the nominal or titular head of state of New Zealand, as with all Commonwealth countries, and therefore appears on the obverse of all New Zealand coins from 1953 to present day.

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Where in New Zealand can you buy white iodine?

Unfortunately this product appears to be unavailable in NZ. You can however, purchase it overseas and have it shipped to New Zealand using a service like NZ Post's YouShop.

Which bird is featured on two New Zealand coins?

The Kiwi featured on the old, now withdrawn New Zealand Florin (Two Shillings), the 1967 to 1989 20 cent coin, and the 1990 to present One Dollar coin. The Kotuku, or White Heron, appears on most New Zealand Two Dollar coins. The Kingfisher appears on the 1993 Two Dollar coin.

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